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Howard Community College's (HCC) diversity program is designed to ensure equality of opportunity in employment and education, as well as to develop and maintain educational programs and services for all diverse populations of the community.  The college maintains a standing cross-functional diversity committee.  The committee’s responsibilities are:

  • to promote and advocate diversity within the college;
  • to review and update the diversity plan, diversity committee core work, and college policies as appropriate;
  • to recommend reasonable and realistic goals for areas of the college where disparity exists in the workforce, academic affairs, or student services, when applicable;
  • to monitor selection committees to ensure diverse representation in accordance with college procedure 63.02.03, Selection of Faculty and Staff;
  • to plan and implement diversity training/assessment for faculty and staff using the budget established by the college  for this purpose;
  • to plan or sponsor diversity programming for the college community;
  • to review the college employee and student survey data annually pertaining to the diversity climate; and
  • to prepare an annual report on the committee’s operations, accomplishments, and recommendations to the college president, which is made available to the college community.

Diversity committee members are appointed by the college president.  Of those appointed, the president will select the chairperson (or co-chairpersons).  Diversity committee members serve for a period of two years.  Student representatives serve one-year terms.  The chairperson recommends members for reappointment prior to the last meeting of the fiscal year. If any member misses more than fifty percent of the diversity committee meetings held in a fiscal year, that member’s term is automatically ended and a new member shall be appointed. Replacements fill the unexpired term of the original member.  At the end of each academic year, the chairperson recruits new members to fill potential vacancies.  Any member of the college community wishing to serve on this committee should send a written request to the diversity chairperson.  Membership includes at least the following:

  • two faculty members;
  • two support staff employees;
  • one administrative employee;
  • two professional/technical employees;
  • one student;
  • two at-large employees;
  • associate vice president of human resources or designee (ex officio);
  • coordinator of the institution's compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (ex-officio);
  • director of student life (ex officio); and
  • other members as needed to carry out the duties of the committee.

The college’s diversity plan and related academic and administrative and personnel policies are publicly available on the college website.  In addition, regular communications will be made available to college employees via e-mail, the HCC portal, the HCC website, the president’s update, employee orientations and training programs, constituency group meetings, and postings in various areas around the college campus. Additionally, the equal opportunity clause shall be incorporated in all purchase orders, leases, contracts, etc., covered by Executive Order 11246, as amended, and local, state, and federal regulations, as applicable.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  12/6/13