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The Howard Community College Board of Trustees approves the awarding of posthumous degrees and the giving of posthumous certificates of recognition at Howard Community College.  Posthumous degrees and certificates of recognition will typically be bestowed at the college’s May commencement exercises.

A posthumous degree is awarded when a deceased student was nearing completion of degree requirements and meets the criteria outlined in procedure 61.07.02, Posthumous Recognition of a Student.

If a deceased student does not qualify for the award of a posthumous degree the student may be given formal recognition for studying at the college.  A posthumous certificate of recognition may be given if the criteria also outlined in procedure 61.07.02, Posthumous Recognition of a Student, is met.

Candidates for posthumous degrees and posthumous certificates of recognition will be given to the board of trustees as part of the proposed candidates for graduation list submitted prior to commencement.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:   12/09/11