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The library purchases content that supports Howard Community College's curriculum and maintains a balanced and current collection.  The library staff selects this content in conjunction with requests from faculty, staff, and students.

Librarians read reviews of materials from professional reviewing sources and forward selected reviews to appropriate faculty in each discipline.  Faculty are asked to return all reviews, noting which items they would like the library to purchase and prioritizing the requests.

Faculty may also request materials via the purchase request form available from the library.  Priority will always be given to material that will be used directly by students.  Librarians review the requests for purchase, beginning with the priority requests from faculty. 

Librarians also select materials for which there is a perceived need in both the reference area and the general collection.  These selections come from published reviews and are chosen because of numerous reference requests in the area, gaps in the collection, or outstanding reviews that indicate the author or work is of significant importance.

Instructional Media

Using a form provided by the library, faculty members must preview and evaluate in writing all instructional media materials prior to purchase approval.  

Periodical Literature

A sample copy of any requested newspapers, magazines, and journals must be previewed by library staff prior to purchase.  Periodicals are indexed in an electronic database owned by the library to allow for reasonable access by students and other library users.

Effective Date:  11/09/12