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Gifts can be valuable additions to the Howard Community College (HCC) library.  The library appreciates the donation of professional and scholarly materials that assist the library in meeting the academic mission of the college.

The library staff evaluates donations based on present academic need, scholarly value, and physical condition.  The library is not obligated to accept any gift that does not meet collection development guidelines.

The following materials will not be accepted as gifts:

  • materials that require conditions of disposition, placement, use, display, or other limitations as a condition of the gift;
  • textbooks with a copyright date more than two years earlier than the current calendar year;
  • serial publications including magazines and journals;
  • items that require updating or other substantial ongoing commitments of maintenance or money;
  • materials that are marked, damaged, mutilated, or infested;
  • materials already held in the HCC library for which there is no need for duplicate copies; and
  • materials that are inconsistent with the curriculum or with an academic library. 

The library reserves the right to sell or discard materials that do not contribute to the academic mission of the college, as well as magazines, pamphlets/brochures, outdated textbooks, mass- market paperbacks, and books in poor physical condition.  Items that have been added to the collection will be re-evaluated in the future on the same basis as purchased items.       

Gifts made to the library are made through the HCC Educational Foundation.  The library, as an interested party, will not perform appraisals for tax, inheritance, or other purposes (see college procedure 61.05.06, Other In-Kind Donations for additional information).  All donors must complete the appropriate forms as specified by and available through the HCC Educational Foundation.

Effective Date:  03/08/13