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A.  Grants awarded to the Howard Community College Educational Foundation, Inc. from public agencies and private organizations are managed by the Howard Community College grants coordinator/writer in accordance with college policy 61.05, Receipt of Gifts and Grants.  Government grants are not counted in private giving campaign totals.

B.  Grants awarded to Howard Community College are tracked by the grants coordinator/writer, director of accounting-financial services, and grant manager to assure compliance with grant regulations.                                                                                                                   

C.  Grants are administered by following a series of outlined steps:

  1. Official letter of notification is received by the college from the funding organization or agency and forwarded to the grants coordinator/writer.
  2. Notice is given to president’s office.
  3. Vice president of area receiving grant is notified.
  4. Director of area receiving grant is notified.
  5. Copy of notification is sent to the associate director of finance and grant administration to set up an account.
  6. Copy of notification is sent to the office of public relations and marketing for news release.
  7. Follow-up reports to the funding agency or organization are prepared by the grant manager in consultation with the grants coordinator/writer who also tracks deadlines for grants reports.

D.  Grant awards, both competitive and non-competitive, are disclosed to the board of trustees on a semi-annual basis.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  12/6/06
Development Office Review: 02/23/11