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Statements to the Communications Media

Howard Community College welcomes coverage by the communications media on its operations and strategic initiatives, faculty and staff accomplishments, programs, student body, and events.  In order to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance with public information regulation, public statements involving college policy, official position, staff, or students may not be released by an employee without prior clearance from the office of public relations and marketing.  Inquiries from all communications media representatives must be referred to the office of public relations and marketing.

News Releases and Public Service Announcements

The distribution of news releases and public service announcements serve as the primary tool for the dissemination of information to the community.  The office of public relations and marketing maintains comprehensive general and specialized mailing lists to accommodate the variety of requests received and to provide maximum coverage.  The nature of news or feature items and the amount of advance notice available will determine how requests are publicized.  All commercial, electronic, and print media are used.

News releases are sent regularly to editors of local newspapers, community publications, magazines, professional journals, and educational newsletters.  When appropriate, releases are targeted to specific television and radio assignment editors or publications in a specific field.  Items covered include:  official announcements on college policy; academic developments including trends, course offerings and new programs and services; college events; cultural arts activities; athletics; student and alumni features; and professional and personal achievements of college employees.

Internal Requests for Publicity

College employees requesting publicity for a college-related item should contact the office of public relations and marketing by phone or email with basic information including who, what, where, when, how, and why.  At least four weeks lead-time is needed for an article to appear or be broadcast after it is written.  When appropriate, other measures will be explored such as scheduling a photograph, setting up an interview with a reporter, or attempting to get other media coverage.  Copies of the releases and resulting clippings from publications will be sent to the employee who initiated the request.

Promotional Materials

College promotional materials are produced through the office of public relations and marketing (see Publications and Electronic Media Policy – 61.03 and Procedure – 61.03.01.)

Media Advertising 

Print, broadcast, or electronic display advertising for college marketing campaigns, registration dates, cultural events, and other campus activities is managed by the office of public relations and marketing.  The purchase, placement, messaging, and design of all ads must be coordinated through the office of public relations and marketing for consistency, quality control, conformity to the college’s image, and adherence to the goals of the college’s advertising efforts.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  09/14/12