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The representatives of the professional/technical constituency group serve as a channel of communication between the members of the professional/technical constituency group and the college administration and college community, including, but not limited to, participation in the college council, augmented team, planning council, salary and benefits committee, and board of trustees meetings.  They represent issues of particular concern to members of the professional/technical constituency group.

Anticipated Outcomes:

Communication between representatives and the president's team liaison, college council, augmented team, and planning council is used to provide feedback, to keep the constituency group informed, to recommend new policy, and to review existing policy.  Constituency group representatives will:

  • Communicate information to the professional/technical group;
  • Schedule fall and spring meetings of the constituency group;
  • Hold additional constituency group meetings at the request of membership with the approval of the elected representatives;
  • Conduct monthly meetings (August through May) of the representatives;
  • Attend meetings on behalf of all professional/technical members; and
  • Ensure that college council has three professional/technical members and the salary and benefits committee has three professional/technical members to represent the constituency group.


  • The president's team liaison is the vice president of information technology.
  • The president's team liaison initiates nominations and elections of representatives for spring elections.
  • The constituency group will be represented by seven members who will serve three-year staggered terms.
  • Representatives are nominated and elected by the members of the constituency group via email.
  • Elected representatives may appoint an interim representative to fill any vacancy until the spring election.
  • The elected representatives will select a chair and a vice chair at the last representatives meeting of the academic year.
  • Elected representatives are responsible for convening and managing meetings of the constituency group at least twice per year.
  • The elected representatives provide leadership for the organization of activities and events for the constituency group.
  • At least one elected representative will be present at planning council, augmented team, salary and benefits committee, board of trustees’ meetings, and college council.
  • The elected representatives will assign additional professional/technical members to other committee meetings as necessary.
  • Elected representatives will post items to the professional/technical portal page or send newsletters to the members including, but not limited to, notes on all meetings attended on behalf of the constituency group.
  • The elected representatives and president's team liaison will modify these bylaws as necessary.   

Adopted: 2/25/02
Modified/Reviewed:  09/22/05, 10/7/05, 12/11/09, 06/02/11, 09/14/12