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Group Mission: 

The group serves as a forum for identifying, deliberating, and seeking consensus on issues related to its members; facilitating communication between its members and the college community and leadership; and promoting professional development.

Anticipated Outcomes: 

Increased awareness of relevant issues among members; communication of the administrative staff perspective to deliberative bodies, including college council, augmented team, and planning council; and enhanced professional development opportunities for members.

Communication to Administrators’ Constituency Group:

  • Shared folder for administrators’ constituency group
  • E-mails to constituency distribution list
  • Semi-annual meetings
  • Additional meetings at the request of members


  1. The administrators’ constituency group's president's team liaison is the executive director of public relations and marketing.
  2. The administrators’ constituency group liaison initiates nominations and conducts elections of representatives to the college council as vacancies occur. 
  3. The group will be facilitated by a chair and vice-chair, from two different areas of the college.  Facilitators’ terms are three years, renewable twice, and run from August 1 – July 31.
  4. New facilitators are elected at the last meeting of the academic year.
  5. Facilitators are responsible for convening and managing meetings and recording and distributing minutes of the meetings.
  6. The meeting schedule will be established by the administrative liaison and will designate two meetings per year (one per semester) with the addition of ad hoc meetings as necessary.  The facilitator will communicate meeting dates to group members.
  7. A shared folder will be created for use by the members of the administrators’ constituency group.
  8. Meeting agenda templates will be stored in the shared folder for the administrators’ constituency group.  Administrative group members wishing to have a topic addressed at an upcoming meeting are responsible for forwarding topics to the facilitator.
  9. Representatives of the group will be identified to represent the administrators’ constituency group at meetings of the planning council, augmented team, college council, and other groups as needed.
  10. Representatives (#9) will post items to the administrators’ shared folder, including, but not limited to, notes on all meetings attended on behalf of the constituency group.
  11. The administrators’ constituency group will work in cooperation with the college’s cross-functional organizational development team and the human resources office to plan staff development opportunities geared to the needs of the administrators’ constituency group.
  12. The members of the administrators’ constituency group and the group’s liaison will modify these bylaws as necessary.

Approved: 03/14/02
Modified:   02/13/09