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Howard Community College recognizes email as an official method for communication with students.  The use of email is intended to meet the academic and administrative needs of the campus community.  Students are expected to read all information received at their college-assigned email account.

The information technology department will assign an official college email address to credit students admitted to Howard Community College.  This official email address will be the only one used by the college for email communications.  Students who do not have access to computers may use college computers in locations where use of email is permissible.

If students want to have email redirected from their official Howard Community College address to another email address they may do so, but at their own risk.  The college is not responsible for the handling of email by external service providers.  Students are responsible for acting on all official communications received at their official college email address.

Certain communications may be time sensitive and students are expected to check their official email address on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with college communications.

Faculty will determine the use of email, which could include course content delivery, class discussion, and instructor conferencing in their classes.

Students using an email account provided by Howard Community College are required to adhere to all college procedures and email guidelines outlined in 61.12.02, Use of College Email and Messaging. As stated in procedure 61.12.02, email is not a private means of communication.  The college will make every effort to ensure the reasonable privacy of individuals’ email; however, it is possible that college personnel, in the function of their position, may access individual accounts, messages, or both.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  12/14/12