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Howard Community College (HCC) is committed to ensuring that textbook adoption promotes a quality educational experience for students.  HCC is also committed to minimizing the costs of textbooks for its students.  In adopting and purchasing textbooks, faculty must carefully consider the appropriateness of textbooks and other supplemental materials for each course based on content, pedagogy, and teaching in the discipline, as well as the cost to students and the factors that determine that cost.

In keeping with this commitment, the college complies with the State of Maryland College Textbook Competition and Affordability Act of 2009.  As part of this compliance, faculty members are required annually to acknowledge that they have received textbook competition and affordability information and that they will comply with the provisions of the act.  The annual acknowledgement is accomplished through faculty participation in an annual textbook affordability professional development activity, which includes acknowledging awareness of and compliance with the provisions of the act.

Detailed information on the State of Maryland College Textbook Competition and Affordability Act of 2009, as well as information on the required professional development and acknowledgement form, is available on the college portal under Faculty Resources.

Additional college-based guidelines must be followed regarding purchasing instructional materials, including textbooks.  Materials for all courses taught at Howard Community College should be ordered by the faculty as soon as the semester schedule is completed.  A form to order course materials is available in the division offices.  All orders are processed through the department chairs.

Materials developed by faculty and organized for their students into booklets, learning packets, etc. are placed in the college bookstore for sale upon the recommendation of the division.  Should a particular curriculum, course, or subject require extensive materials, these will be sold through the college bookstore.

Policy Manual Review/Revision: 05/08/15