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At Howard Community College, a full-time student schedule for either the fall semester or the spring semester of the winter/spring term generally consists of 12 to 18 credit hours.  A student registered for fewer than 12 credit hours is classified as part-time.  A schedule in excess of 18 credit hours must be approved by an academic advisor.  Except in extraordinary circumstances, such approval will not extend beyond a load of 21 credit hours and will be based on a student’s demonstrated ability to be successful with a full load of 18 (non-audit) credit hours.  During the summer term, a student may take no more than 16 credit hours across all sessions.  During the winter intersession, a student may take no more than eight credit hours.

Students enrolled in certain allied health programs with a schedule of fewer than 12 credit hours, during the clinical phase, may be considered full-time from a program perspective.  However, for financial aid purposes, a student must enroll in 12 aid-eligible credit hours to be considered full-time.  Total developmental coursework in excess of 30 credit hours is not aid-eligible.  More than one repeat of a previously passed course is not aid-eligible credit hours.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  02/27/15