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Got Questions?

Registrations FAQ

Have questions about registering for classes? The Office of Records, Registration, and Veterans Affairs (RRVA) is here to help! Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about registering, paying tuition, deadlines, myHCC and more. Still need help? Visit the RRVA website, stop by their offices in RCF-233, give them a call at 443-518-1240, or email

What's the difference between myHCC and Canvas? How do I access myHCC?

myHCC is the center of your digital world at HCC. You can use it to check email; register, drop, or withdraw from credit classes; pay your bill; view your grades and order a transcript. The only thing it doesn't do is work on mobile devices — at least not yet!

Access myHCC from or by clicking on the myHCC link at the top of the college's website. You will need to log in using your username and password. If this is your first time logging in, visit Password Services to access and update your HCC user account. If you need help logging in, contact the Help Desk at 443-518-4444 or

Access myHCC

Canvas is your digital classroom — it's the primary course delivery system for online classes and is used by many classroom instructors as well. Canvas is the home for your course materials, quizzes, and class activities. Log on to Canvas through myHCC or by clicking on the link at the top of college's website. Remember to use Google Chrome for best functionality!

Register for and drop coursesx 
View your tuition refund and withdraw dates and deadlines
Access course location, instructor, meeting times
Review course syllabus, participate in class activities, take quizzes, and see supplemental course materials
Check HCC emailx 

I don't have a password or I forgot my password. 

Password Services is an automated system designed to help you create and update your HCC password. Follow the steps below to create or retreive your password.

  • Go to If prompted, log in in with your current password and click "myHCC Accounts" as circled below: 

Password Services

  • Create your new password. This password must be 7 characters long and contain at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, a number and a special character such as "!, @, #, $, or %" 
  • If you do NOT know your current password, visit Password Services
  • If you have a smart phone, iPad, or laptop that automatically checks email or connects to the college's WiFi network, then you need to update those devices. Follow these instructions to update the password on your Apple device and these instructions to update the password on your Android device. 

What's my student ID number? 

Every student is assigned a unique ID number. To locate your student ID number, log into myHCC and select “My Student ID Number” in the middle of the screen. 

Find Student ID

How do I register online for credit courses? 

In most cases, you do not need to be on campus to register. You may register, drop, add and withdraw online daily from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. through myHCC. Just follow these steps to register:

  • Log into myHCC. If this is your first time, visit Password Services to access and update your HCC user account. If you need help logging in, contact the Help Desk at 443-518-4444 or
  • In the self-service menu on the left, choose "Register - Add/Drop/Withdraw".
  • To register or add courses: Click on the link after "To add courses to your Preferred Sections shopping cart." Select the term from the "Term" drop down box. Click the "Add to Preferred" button at the bottom of the screen to place your selections (4-digit index/synonym numbers) in the "Preferred Sections" shopping cart. Please note that you are NOT registered for classes at this point. To register or audit ALL courses, select the appropriate action from the "Action" drop-down menu that precedes each course listed in your "Preferred Sections" shopping cart. Click "Submit" and your new schedule will display. Print a copy for your records after reviewing the status column to confirm that your registration choices were successful.
  • To adjust your schedule (drop/withdraw): Click on the link after "To drop or withdraw classes". Find the course that you wish to drop or withdraw. Click on the box preceding the class and choose the appropriate action. Click submit and your new schedule will display. Print a copy for your records after reviewing the status column to confirm that your registration choices were successful.

What if I need help registering for a course in myHCC?

There are a few things that might prevent you from being able to register online and in person. Before you start the registration process, be sure to consult an academic advisor. An advisor will ensure that your placement test results and prerequisites are reflected on your student record. If you have an outstanding balance with HCC, there may be a hold blocking your registration. To determine if you have any holds, review "My Notifications" at the top of the myHCC homepage. "My Notifications" will guide you through any holds and let you know how to clear it:

myHCC Notification

How much time do I have to make payment arrangements for the fall 2014 term?

If you’re starting the fall 2014 registration process now, payment arrangements are immediately due. To pay your bill in full, select “Pay My Bill” located in the self-service menu of myHCC. You may also choose to pay in installments using the Tuition Payment Plan. To complete the Tuition Payment Plan, select “Sign Up/View Payment Plan” in myHCC. If you’re expecting financial aid, but haven’t completed the process, you may need to make alternative payment arrangements. All of this information and functions are found in the self-service menu in myHCC:

Pay My Bill

Where can I find my class schedule?

Need a reminder of what you’re taking? Visit myHCC and choose “My Class Schedule” in the self-service section. On campus and need a print out? Visit the Welcome Center, located across from the Café on the Quad in the RCF lobby. 

My Class Schedule

Where can I find my tuition refund and withdrawal deadlines?

If you need to reconsider your schedule of classes and want to know the last day to drop with a refund or withdraw, select “My Tuition Refund and Withdrawal Deadlines” in myHCC:

myHCC Tuition Refund

I have an HCC email address? 

Yes! Each credit student is assigned an HCC email address. Your email address is the only one used by the college for email communications. Click here for information on how to access and set up your email on your smartphone. Choose the "Forwarding your HCC email to another account" to send your HCC email to an external email you frequently check, and make sure you’re checking your HCC email on a daily basis.