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Full-Time Faculty (2013-14)

Mark Edelen
Assistant Professor, Engineering
Science, Engineering, and Technology Division

Mark has been a full-time faculty member at HCC since fall 2010, teaching the Introduction to Engineering class and developing and teaching mechanical engineering and physics classes.  Mark has earned the respect of his colleagues at HCC and at other institutions, and most importantly, his engineering and physics students. Mark thoughtfully selects and mentors adjunct faculty teaching a variety of mechanical engineering courses and he is himself, an outstanding teacher who implements a range of innovative teaching strategies. He is committed to careful preparation, to making course material relevant and to creating a stimulating and rigorous environment for student learning. He has implemented a range of active learning strategies, including collaborative problem solving and demonstrations, into his courses. He encourages his students to explore and to find their own solutions within a supportive classroom environment.  His students often refer to him as “the best teacher that I have ever had” and state that he cares about them, helps them, builds their confidence and teaches in a way that enables them to understand engineering and its applications. 

Mark is a valued contributor to several teams within the division and across divisions:  He participates in the STEM scholars program and the NSF-S-STEM scholarship program by participating in the STEM seminars and mentoring engineering students.   He organizes and implements Engineer's Week activities each year, and includes guest speakers, an engineering competition, and a showcase of student projects. He is a co-organizer of Engineering Project's Day, which occurs each semester, an event that allows engineering students to showcase and present their projects.

Mark is a member of the STEM FPLC and he recently joined the Professors Forum on Teaching Excellence. He is currently co-developing a biological engineering pathway for HCC students, which includes a new course, Biology for Engineers. Mark is co-leading an Engineering Program Assessment for the general engineering degree, and the ASE-EE and ASE-CE. 

Additionally, Mark has made major contributions to the college community.  He was the Vice Chair and is now the Chair of the Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee.  In that role, he has prepared well researched reports and has made highly effective presentations to several campus constituencies.  As a result of his leadership and the quality of his work, the Salary and Fringe Benefits committee was able to effectively convey the need to provide an increase in salary for adjunct faculty, the first in many years, and an additional increase is proposed for FY 15.  Other successful recommendations included a merit increase for faculty and staff, and additional tuition benefits.

Mark has distinguished himself through his leadership and his service to his students and to the college community.  The division is happy to nominate him as an HCC Inspiring Faculty Member to recognize his excellence in advancement of division and college goals.

Joan Nicholas-Walker
ssistant Professor, Dance
Arts and Humanities Division

Acting Chair of Dance and Theatre, Renée Brozic Barger, nominated Joan Nicholas-Walker as this year’s Arts and Humanities Inspiring Full-Time Faculty. Before Joan joined the full-time faculty ranks here at HCC this past August, she had been an adjunct for the three years and was our Inspiring Adjunct Faculty in 2013. In her first full-time year, she has continued her outstanding work in the dance studio both as a teacher and as the Director of this year's Arts Collective Dance Company (ACDC) production, as well as administratively as the Coordinator of Dance. In addition to teaching both dance technique and theory courses, Joan has been instrumental in advising, writing, and implementing current Dance Curriculum revisions, an on-going project that was identified and undertaken as a result of the Dance Learning Outcome Assessment process. Joan supports the dance outreach initiative and has developed a target mailing list outside of campus to both educate students about and recruit students to our program. As Director of this year's ACDC production, she has provided a tremendous amount of guidance and support to the students, choreographers and artistic staff. This year she is also creating choreography for the company. Additionally, Joan is a positive and energizing faculty member, as well as an engaged and passionate colleague. We are indeed lucky to have her here at HCC!  The Arts and Humanities Division is proud to announce Joan Nicholas-Walker as our Inspiring Faculty of 2014.

Roger Weber
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Business and Computers Systems Division

Roger Weber teaches entrepreneurship both in the classroom and one on one to aspiring entrepreneurs. His excellence in teaching is demonstrated by his student engagement, his passion for his area of expertise and his persistent concern for students. Roger is continuously working on improving what and how he teaches. He is curious about finding creative ways for students to learn in a way that will be long lasting. His most recent project involves the implementation of a computer simulation called the Entrepreneur's Game-Traction which focuses students on what it takes to create a start-up and work as part of a team. His current Teaching Improvement Project involves the comparison of outcomes achieved by students taking Entrepreneurship and Creativity face to face and those taking the course online. In order to improve the online learning experience, he is exploring many ways to use instructional technology to conduct live conferences for students.

Roger's one on one work with aspiring entrepreneurs is highlighted by his thoughtful and dedicated coaching sessions. Typically, he sees between five and eight student entrepreneurs each week and assists them with personal attention to their own growth and the launch of their business. His early work with each entrepreneur as part of the Entrepreneurial Assessment, positions the student's understanding of their own competencies and where they need growth as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their business concept. This work has been a catalyst for the growth of our entrepreneurship program.  

Roger brings energy, enthusiasm and commitment to his work. He is a role model and mentor to students and colleagues. He dedicates time to working with adjuncts and business coaches, helping them to work effectively with students. It is quite clear from his actions that Roger’s teaching is his life work.

Karen Kyger
Instructor, Developmental English; eLearning Co-Coordinator
English/World Languages Division

Karen Kyger has been chosen by her colleagues as the Division’s Inspiring Faculty for 2013-2014.  As coordinator and principle instructor for ENGL 093 and 094 (Developmental Reading and Writing), Karen is often the first to welcome the students with the greatest needs, both in their reading and writing skills and in their lives, to their coursework and to HCC.  She has proven herself vital to our mission of providing pathways to success for those who would not have them otherwise.  Where other instructors might be reluctant to take on the extra challenges that students bring who have learning differences and unique obstacles in their lives, Karen is energized by each new opportunity to better accommodate her students and meet them where they are.  This energy extends beyond the classroom to her service as a Step UP coach and a content expert and resource for other faculty. 

Karen’s fearlessness also makes her an ideal e-Learning co-coordinator for our division, as she not only pioneers pedagogical applications for new technology but also makes these new tools and techniques accessible to the rest of the division with her characteristic honesty, humility, and thoroughness.  As a lifelong learner, Karen guides us into the future with an understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and what questions we still need to ask.

Karen is a humble warrior – empathetic and encouraging to so many of our students – we are all inspired by her work.  Her impact on student learning and her positive contributions to our division culture are well recognized and appreciated by all.

Jennifer Stanford
Professor, Nursing
Health Sciences Division

Ms. Stanford began working at HCC as a clinical instructor in 1997.

While serving in the capacity as adjunct clinical instructor, Ms. Stanford was instrumental in forming study groups for nursing students.  During these sessions, she met with students on a regular basis (usually at the beginning of each semester) to teach test taking strategies, time management, and study habits. As a "spin off" of these sessions she developed a "Smart Start booklet with written instructions and guidelines on how to study, test taking strategies, time management, and guidelines on how to form study groups.

In the fall of 1998, Ms. Stanford was offered and accepted a fulltime position as nursing faculty.  Over the past 16 years she has continued to work with students and develop creative teaching strategies that facilitate good study habits, time management, and ultimately lead to student success.

As a result of her willingness and desire to see students succeed in the nursing program she was offered a position as Retention Specialist as part of her teaching load.  Since that time she has been working with students in small and large groups assisting them with forming study groups, teaching test taking strategies, time management and specifically how to answer nursing questions. Her efforts have also been effective in helping to increase the NCLEX RN first time pass rate.

Jennifer is an exemplary faculty who is well regarded.  As the leader in the first nursing course, Jennifer helps to set the tone for the remainder of the nursing program.  Students look to her for guidance and the additional help she offers to ensure student success.  Jennifer is often here on Saturday and Sunday, accommodating the needs of the students in the program.  She is a model faculty, both inside and outside the classroom.  She embraces new and innovative teaching strategies, and is always seeking those strategies which will help the knowledge come alive for the student.  When students return to campus after graduation, one name that is often attributed to their success is often that of Jennifer Stanford. 

Matthew Lochman
Instructor, Mathematics
Mathematics Divisions

The Mathematics Division has selected Dr. Matthew Lochman as their Inspiring Full-time Faculty member for 2013-2014.

As a probationary faculty member, Matt has readily taken on many responsibilities, even as he acclimates himself to the campus community and develops materials for the courses he teaches.  Matt is our eLearning coordinator, and serves on the Salary & Benefits Committee and the Honors Council.  He has served on search committees for both full-time and adjunct faculty and our office staff position. He is the mathematics representative to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, as well as one of the representatives to the General Education Steering Committee. Matt is serving as a department chair within our restructuring program and coordinated a variety of our 200- level courses in the fall.

Matt has shown his dedication to developing our honors cohort at HCC.  He is a critical member of the STEM Scholars and STEM Learning Communities.  In addition to running a seminar each semester, he attends recruitment sessions, assists in the organization of and attends the field trips and retreat. Through his peer partnership with Mark Edelen,  students can plan their coursework with fewer conflicts.  Matt organizes our participation in a national mathematics competiton each fall and spring and serves as the awards chair for the Maryland Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges. He  particpates in the HCPSS Math League by reviewing the solutions to the competition problems and attending the competitions as a guest moderator. Matt also designed our first honors course for Calculus I.

Matt worked as a curriculum designer on our Complete College America Intermediate Algebra grant.  After teaching in the MATH-070/141 redesign program in fall 2012, Matt was selected to write a new version of the accelerated learning program for  the MATH-070/MATH-141 curriculum  and to pilot it in Fall 2013.  The blended learning approach for the accelerated MATH-070/141 created by Matt was much more successful. Matt's work is particularly inspiring because projects like these are not usually assigned to probationary instructors.

Matt's teaching style is appreciated by both developmental and college-level students. Student comments include - Excellent professor! Dr. Lochman is very smart and you can tell by his teaching. He explains things thoroughly and is pretty funny.  He is quirky and enjoys teaching!  He had so much joy for math, made me actually pay attention.  Dr. Lochman was an outstanding instructor. Very helpful and explains the course material in a very clear manner. Really shows a passion for the subject he teaches and cares that his students understand the content of the course. Certainly one of the best math instructors I have ever had.

Kathleen M. Kenney
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
Social Sciences Division

Kate Kenney is an inspiring faculty member to her students, faculty colleagues, and the Howard County Early Childhood community.  A full-time faculty member since 2001, Kate coordinates the Early Childhood programs in the Teacher Education Department.  Kate staffs the Howard Community College Early Childhood Advisory Committee which has been recommending additional topics, regulations, and speakers to be included in the coursework.  Kate led a review of the early childhood courses over the past two years and determined which courses should include these new topics and recommended video resources for purchase.

Kate Kenney is “Ms. Early Childhood” to her early childhood students. She is an outstanding advisor, mentor, and role model to these students.  She inspires these students to be the “best” caregivers/teachers they can be in their workplace.  She visits all practicum students in their workplace or volunteer placement site to observe and provide constructive feedback as they work with young children.  She is also an outstanding academic advisor to HCC students and Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund (CCCPDF) grantees.

Kate is the early childhood curriculum guide for twelve adjunct faculty teaching a variety of required early childhood courses at HCC.  She shares lessons, handouts, activities, and assessments/rubrics that she has developed with these adjunct faculty.

Lastly, Kate is an early childhood leader in Howard County.  She serves on numerous early childhood committees including The Judy Center and Month of the Young Child.  She provides Professional Development workshops for the Howard County Public School System Teacher Academy teachers and offers curriculum guidance for the articulated high school courses.

Kate Kenney is a passionate advocate for HCC’s early childhood students and young children in child care in Howard County.  She is truly Inspiring to all who work with her and are taught by her!