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Full-Time Faculty (2012-13)

Hanael Bianchi
Assistant Professor, History
Social Sciences/Teacher Education Division

Before becoming the Chair of the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Committee, Dr. Hanael Bianchi was the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) coordinator. He officially launched the program during the 2011/12 academic year. Over the summer, he used a divisional summer grant to organize a new WAC team, update the WAC website, investigate other WAC programs, and survey the writing intensive program. Over the academic year, he personally led three professional development sessions on writing. He also aided an effort to globalize the historical discipline by reviving a course on East Asian history, developing a diversity event on Indian films, and participating in a panel discussion on the Middle East. He was the recipient of travel grant to visit India, which will enrich his history course on the subcontinent and his promotion project, a course reader for Indian history. He also represented HCC at a community college forum at the Indian Embassy. He fulfilled additional college responsibilities by serving on the sabbatical committee and participating in the Constitution Day panel. Hanael made several strides in his professional development in the past year, publishing his first article in a peer-reviewed journal, New York History, proposing a panel presentation at the AHA annual meeting, and submitting his dissertation manuscript for publication. Several organizations invited him to speak on secularization based on work done for his dissertation, and he contributed several articles for the Catholic Review, a local newspaper. He was invited by the Catholic University of America to speak about teaching at a community college to history graduate students. As part of his learning improvement project, he constructed six Canvas sites, including two online courses.

Jenny Male
Assistant Professor, Theatre & Stage Movement; Coordinator, Musical Theatre & Stage Movement; Rep Stage Resident Fight Director; Arts Collective Resident Dialect & Movement Coach
Arts and Humanities Division

Jenny Male joined HCC as an adjunct faculty member in 2003 and received the Arts and Humanities division Outstanding Adjunct award in 2006. Later that same year she joined the full-time faculty ranks. She is an amazingly energetic and innovative teacher in the classroom. Her students always rave about how much they’ve learned and how much fun they’ve had learning! Courses that Jenny teaches include: Introduction to Acting; Introduction to Stage Combat; Intermediate Stage Combat; Voice and Diction; Dialects for the Actor; Musical Theatre Performance; Movement for the Actor; and Acting Shakespeare. As the creator and coordinator of the Musical Theatre Performance Track of HCC’s Theatre area of study, Jenny has continued to develop and refine the program. She is finalizing an articulation agreement with Frostburg State University for the track and she is in discussion with several in-state universities about creating a musical theatre minor for their programs. To help achieve the goals of the musical theatre program, Jenny built a partnership between the Red Branch Theatre Company (RBTC) and HCC that allows HCC musical theatre students to intern or perform for their company. RBTC is a professional organization here in Columbia that produces four to six musicals each year. This provides a great opportunity for HCC musical theatre majors to participate in many shows throughout the year and gain invaluable insight into the professional world. Jenny is in talks with the theatre transfer advisor at Marymount Manhattan College, who is interested in creating an articulation agreement between our schools due to the strong interest of our musical theatre majors. This is actually the four-year college that accepts the most musical theatre transfer credits from HCC. So far, five HCC musical theatre students have transferred to Marymount. She is also active in recruitment projects for future HCC theatre students at high school theatre programs in Howard County. Jenny is extremely active in theatre projects both on and off campus. At HCC she serves as Resident Fight Director for Rep Stage and Dialect and Movement Coach for Arts Collective. Below is a list of shows for which she has directed, choreographed, or coached for Rep Stage or Arts Collective.

A Christmas Carol (2012Director/Choreographer, Arts Collective
The Temperamentals (2012)Fight Director, Rep Stage
*Urinetown (2012)Director/Choreographer, Arts Collective
Dance Company (2012)Violence/Voice Coach, Arts Collective
Yellowman (2012)Violence/Movement Coach, Rep Stage

*MD Theatre Guide's Readers' Choice Award Nominee for Community Theatre for 2012 - Urinetown
Children's Theatre Musical/Play or Young Adult Prod. - Jenny Male - Best Director & Best Ensemble
*DCMetroTheaterArts 'BEST OF 2012' Urinetown - Best Ensemble of a Musical

Jenny also is very involved with the Arts Collective cabarets. She has taught stage combat workshops for the Arts Collective and for the annual Howard County High School Theatre Festival, hosted by HCC. She also volunteers her time by assisting with open hours in the dance studios. And in addition to teaching stage combat courses, since she is a nationally Certified Fight Teacher, she offers our students national proficiency testing certification for stage combat categories such as in knife and unarmed. She has served as a mentor for Wilde Lake High School musical theatre students. Her college service has included serving on the HCC Academic Honesty panel and as a member of College Council. Off campus, Jenny is very active in regional theatre activities. In addition to her role as Partnership Liaison with Red Branch Theatre Company, she works diligently as their Resident Fight and Dance Choreographer as well as a regular director of musicals. She has also worked at a number of regional theatres. Her recent directing and choreography work outside of HCC includes the following theatres and productions:

[title of show] (April 2013)Director, Red Branch Theatre Company
Legally Blonde (January 2013)Director, Carver School for the Arts
*Avenue Q (October 2012)Director, Red Branch Theatre Company
The Soldier Dreams (2012)Movement Consultant, Iron Cow Theatre Company
Next to Normal (2012)Choreographer, Red Branch Theatre Company
By the Bog of Cats (2012)Dialect Coach, Goucher College

*DCMetroTheaterArts 'BEST OF 2012' Avenue Q--Best Musicals; Jenny Male - Best Director of a Musical

This year she also auditioned for and won the role of Annelise in The Typographer’s Dream at the Iron Crow Theatre Company. In addition to her very aggressive production activities, Jenny actively continues with professional development in her many fields of interest. She studies with Natasha Staley, Certified Fitzmaurice Teacher at Virginia Tech, and is working towards Fitzmaurice voice training certification. She studied with Catherine Fitzmaurice herself at an intensive in LA this January. She will attend the Voice and Speech Trainers Association Conference in August 2013. She coordinated the national Teaching Symposium for the Society of American Fight Directors last year. She works with Lewis Shaw, Certified Fight Teacher, on stage combat technique, teaching styles, and choreography. She is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association, the Association of Movement Theatre Educators, and the Association of Theatre in Higher Education.

Jodi Fisher
Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management; Coordinator, Hospitality Management
Business and Computer Systems Division

Jodi has been an active faculty member of the Business Computer Systems division since 2011. She consistently exhibits outstanding enthusiasm and energy for her work. This begins with her work with students both in and out of the classroom environment. Her IDEA surveys and classroom observations indicate that students are both highly engaged and very satisfied with her teaching methodology and pedagogy. Students seek Jodi out as an instructor when they enroll in classes. Numerous students have brought compliments forward about Jodi. She spends significant time preparing for her courses each semester so that activity in the classroom provides students with experiences that are enriching and enhance the learning objectives. Jodi recognizes the needs of her students and as a result is able to change and develop courses that enhance their learning. She has developed hybrid classes and migrated other classes so that they are offered online. This has helped to increase enrollment and satisfy the needs of adult learners.

Jodi has maintained her connection with the hospitality industry and as a result has been instrumental in placing students in internships and jobs. These industry relationships also enable her to take her students into the field where they experience invaluable on-site education. For example, she has taken hospitality students to the Hilton Hotel where they observed and interacted with employees to get a real-time understanding of hotel operations.

Not only is Jodi actively working with current HCC students, but in addition she works with high school students as part of the Hospitality and Culinary team at the Applied Research Lab. Her work there assists students in understanding hospitality as well as their career goals in the field. Sometimes these students find a pathway to HCC.

In partnership with the Center for Service Learning, Jodi helped lead the effort in the spring 2012 Perfect Prom Project. This project reaches out to low-income high school women who are currently juniors or seniors in Howard County, giving them a memorable prom event. Students in Jodi’s HMGT-164 Event Management class used their planning and budgeting theories to help execute this event, and they also attended and assisted with the event. The event was so successful that it will run again in spring 2013. Jodi’s Event Management class also collaborated with the Center for Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence to assist in the planning and execution of the December 2012 Entrepreneurial celebration. The students provided innovative ideas for the marketing of the event and much needed support during the event.

Jodi has stepped into the role of Hospitality coordinator during the past twelve months. In this expanded role her contributions have once again been significant. She has hired and supported adjuncts. She has assisted the Director in the development of the new casino management program. As the Hospitality and Culinary team works on accreditation, Jodi has made contributions above and beyond what is usual for a faculty member. The accreditation process is extensive and extremely time-consuming. Jodi has done research, writing, and made critical contributions to the project.

Sarah Saxer
Professor, Nursing
Health Sciences Division

Sarah Saxer has distinguished herself as a servant leader in higher education this year; her peers recognize that she is not only an outstanding instructor who sets the bar high for innovation, such as being among the first faculty involved in the Learning Studio project, and consistently achieves the very highest scores on her student evaluations and supervisor observations, but that she quietly and effectively models multiple levels of excellence for the full-time and adjunct faculty around her.

Her gifted management of the ESL credit area leads to high productivity, efficiency, accurate placement, and smooth well-aligned pathways for that student population – students emerge extremely well-prepared for the challenges of college-level work and the ESL student success rates are higher than in any other credit area.

Fellow faculty greatly appreciate her willingness to lead the other faculty coordinators and directors in preparing and facilitating substantial meeting agendas, for her "preparedness and attention to detail that keep us on task and student focused."

She always a "first responder" to any call for help, to volunteer, lead, or contribute. Beyond the EGWL division, Sarah is a strong and highly respected voice in campus-wide initiatives, such as critical thinking research, globalizing the curriculum, and the completion agenda, especially the Accelerated Learning Programs. With her scholarly background in intercultural communication, Sarah helped launch the successful INSPIRES global community, presented to the Board of Trustees last May on the Global Distinction Program and INSPIRES, served on the Commission on the Future global task force, serves on the Asian Studies program advisory group, serves on the General Education Oral Communication subcommittee, and regularly presents (at least six times a year) to groups all over campus on topics such as intercultural communication, second language learning, and ethics.

In addition to all of her competencies, Sarah inspires us all with her grace, humor, empathy, sincerity, and integrity. Her positive impact on HCC student learning and faculty culture is extraordinarily powerful and sustaining.

Rita Pyuzza
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Health Sciences Division

Rita Pyuzza is has been able to inspire her students and colleagues to high standards of excellence, civility, and professionalism. As an addition to her full-time faculty responsibilities, Rita volunteered to be the Chair for the Simulation Committee in the Nurse Education Program. With her assistance the committee was able to form subcommittees to identify priorities for simulation within the nursing program. She has displayed exemplary leadership in steering the committee to accomplish all the goals set for fall 2012.

As chair for the simulation committee Rita has been able to collaborate with nursing faculty to incorporate Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) to improve the standards of nursing practice for the nurse education program; and to prepare our graduate nurses to have the knowledge, skill, and attitude necessary to continuously improve the quality and safety of the health care system within which they work, having a particular focus on six quality and safety competences including patient-centered care, quality improvement, safety, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, and informatics. This is in alignment with the National League of Nurses Accreditation Standards thus standardizing the QSEN competences through simulation practices across the curriculum.

In the classroom, Rita demonstrates commitment to continuous teaching improvement in response to classroom student evaluations, teaching improvements, and learning outcome assessments. Rita welcomes students’ engagement in supporting student success within and outside the classroom. She is well regarded by students, faculty, and staff.

Rita is calm and poised when dealing with students, faculty, and staff. She is a wonderful mentor and her professionalism and quiet demeanor have been instrumental in fostering her ability to effectively engage students and faculty towards excellence in simulation practices and protocol. Rita has coordinated numerous training sessions for faculty to improve simulation practices. She has not limited her training to the nursing faculty, but includes the all the faculty in the division. Her commitment to simulation and the exciting possibilities for simulation in the new Health Sciences building are helping to fuel the continued dialogue on collaboration in the area of simulation across disciplines.

Frederic Lang
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Mathematics Division

Dr. Frederic Lang wears many "hats” in the Mathematics division. He serves as our division representative to the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Committee and the Meet your Major forums sponsored by the student orientation committee. He is the lead coordinator for our precalculus sequence of courses, MATH-143, MATH-153, and MATH-155. He is also a critical member of the STEM Seminars instructional team.

As the lead coordinator for precalculus, Fred mentors the adjunct faculty teaching those classes and his new co-coordinator, Andrew Brown. He is responsible for setting up the master sites for the three courses, designing divisional exams and grading rubrics, and facilitating the group grading session for the final exam for precalculus I. In addition to his own responsibilities, he assisted the new calculus coordinator by selecting the problem sets and creating online quizzes for every chapter section in Calculus I. Fred is always willing to share materials and his expertise with other faculty who are teaching a course for the first time. This is especially valuable with our upper-level courses such as Calculus III. Both students and colleagues consider him to be a good and patient teacher.

Fred is a key faculty member in our STEM Seminar series of courses. He has been a sounding board for ideas and has researched, written, and presented several topics each semester. The director of the STEM program describes his help as invaluable. This year he has been responsible for the evening section and has also given a number of presentations to the day sections of the STEM Seminars. Fred serves on the STEM NSF scholarship selection committee and has served as a mentor to several students each semester.

In summer 2012, Dr. Lang was selected to participate in the Research Experiences for Teachers program at UMCP. This is an NSF-sponsored initiative to bring community college faculty to UMCP to work with researchers in the Clark School of Engineering and build connections with university faculty. Dr. Lang worked with Dr. Mikhail Anisimov studying Dynamic Light Scattering from Nanoparticles and is in the process of developing application projects based on the data from this work. These projects will be used in Precalculus and Calculus courses to help students better appreciate the connections between the mathematics in their coursework and its application to cutting-edge research. In addition to the projects developed, Fred has brought ideas and valuable contact information back to HCC that will benefit many of our STEM majors.

Russell Poch
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Mathematics Division

Russ is the sole developer and coordinator of HCC’s award-winning Physics program, which includes three calculus-based physics courses, two non-calculus-based physics courses, a physical science course for education majors and non-majors, and a technical physics course for students majoring in technology programs. Russ is an innovative and student-centered teacher, and was among the first to integrate interactive demonstrations into his lectures to actively engage STEM students and to correct misconceptions that students have that hinder their learning. Russ is also a leader in the integration of technology into the physics laboratory, moving beyond cookbook laboratory exercises to using probeware and software for real-time data collection in inquiry-guided experiments.

Russ is a dedicated course coordinator who devotes many hours each week to assisting other full-time faculty and adjunct faculty who teach physics lectures and labs. He has developed and implemented an effective faculty support system that includes weekly meetings to review all lab protocols and equipment and sharing resources such as demonstration materials, exams, workbooks, and homework assignments. His dedicated mentoring has ensured that physics students have a consistent and positive experience.

Russ is a member of the NSF-S STEM scholarship selection committee and the STEM Scholars steering committee. He mentored two HCC honors students who assisted Dr. Sonya Lyatskaya with her grant-funded post-doctoral research project modeling Interhemispherical Field-Aligned Currents (IHCs) during the Fall 2012 semester. Additionally, Russ has hosted several astronomy events for the community, including the Transit of Venus observation in June 2012.

Russ has played an active role in K-12 science education at the county level for many years. He served as the HCC representative to the statewide Maryland Articulation Partnership for Teachers (MAPT), which designed the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree for elementary teachers and helped to design the curriculum for the Physics Secondary Education transfer pattern and he continues to monitor and revise this curriculum. He has served for over ten years as the chairperson of the Howard County Science Advisory Committee that advises the public school system on science curriculum issues, and also chairs two of its subcommittees. He is a HCPSS STEM Fair judge coordinator and judge, and he represents HCC on the Howard County STEM Business and Education Coalition (STEMBEC) STEM Education Initiative, a partnership between the Howard County Public School System and Howard County community.