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Adjunct Faculty (2011-12)

Louisa Jonas
Adjunct Instructor
Arts and Humanities Division

Louisa has developed and teaches courses in Radio Production here at HCC. She has shown great dedication to both the students and the development of the radio curriculum. For a program that doesn't necessarily attract large numbers, she has made great strides in generating interest by working very closely with the enrolled students and using opportunities like the recent high school open house to bring in new ones. More importantly, she has helped to increase the engagement of the current students by seeing them through to the higher-level production courses as well as preparing them for whatever transfer opportunities they plan to pursue. In addition to teaching part-time, Louisa is the program manager who is developing and improving HCC's radio station, HCC The Dragon. The piece of the puzzle that brings it all together is that she is increasingly focused on featuring student work on the station, which is an excellent opportunity that takes the in-class work to a whole new level. Radio students, like TV students, are driven and thoroughly excited by the possibility of having their work broadcast. It takes the program from being one of collecting work for a reel to one of students' active participation in a real-life (and somewhat rare) opportunity. That is, perhaps, the area where the most lasting effects are felt. To be able to say, "I've had my work on air," creates a student who has something special, whether it comes to applying for a job outside of HCC or transferring for further study.

William Hart
Adjunct Instructor
Business and Computer Systems Division

William has been an adjunct faculty member for seven years in the Office Technology area. In the classroom, Bill may be asked questions on any of the 30 courses offered in Office Technology. He has taken on many responsibilities as enrollment has grown in the Office Technology area, including the OT database, learning Datatel, and going through the ENTR-154 Introduction to eBay course as a student before it was offered. For the ENTR-154 Introduction to eBay course, he suggested comments to be added to the syllabus to provide more explanation about a topic and added comments regarding the answer key for the practice exercises. The changes and additions to the instructional materials (syllabus, project assignments, and assessments) were implemented during the Fall of 2007. Bill utilizes the OT database to generate letters to students. These letters are essential to encourage student success by reminding students if they are behind in their work, need to come in to pick up materials, or are in jeopardy of failing. In addition, Bill has become the backup grader – grading homework and tests – when other instructors are away. In the summer and winter, he has been instrumental in preparing the orientation letters for the fall and spring semesters. Bill is very patient with students. He spends time with them to explain the syllabus, the course material, or review graded papers. He provides support to other faculty members in Office Technology as well. He has transitioned from (Office 2003 to) Office 2007 to Office 2010.

Joyce Griffin
Adjunct Instructor
Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division

Joyce Griffin has been an adjunct since 2004 and has taught a variety of topics including math skills review, reading and writing, computer classes for disabled adults, computer literacy, Word, and Excel. Whether she is working with Adult Basic Education, GED, or CORE (program for adults with developmental disabilities) students, or assisting in computer labs, Joyce shows respect for her students at all times. She has taught on campus and off-site for open enrollment and grant classes. She plans lessons and activities that are creative and engaging to meet the diverse needs of her students. She works well with the instructors with whom she co-teaches and is willing to sub for instructors when needed. Instructors often specifically request Joyce as a sub due to her strong work ethic and ability to relate to students of all levels. She is willing to share at in-services and assist instructors with integrating technology in their classrooms. Always diplomatic and professional, she is a valuable asset to the team.

Kathy Kersheskey
Master Adjunct Instructor
English and World Languages Division

Kathy is extremely dedicated. She is always ready to help out and is often the first to respond to a request for subs. She is reliable and punctual. She was a returning student and graduated from HCC, so she connects well to both traditional and non-traditional populations. She thrives on teaching. She works with FYEX students in all forms of the course – standard, FastTrack, and once a week. She even calls all her Fast Track students the night before the first class to make sure they have the right time, location, and text information. She meets with her students outside of class to help them succeed. She is open to diverse learners in her classroom; she makes sure they get the support they need. She attends faculty development meetings and seminars to learn new techniques, and she is always receptive to new ideas.

Kathy is a creative, team player. She will cover for other instructors, switch schedules if needed, participate in summer grants, do additional instructional preparation assignments, and give feedback on new materials and activities. She was proactive in attending early workshops for learning Canvas, and she has attended additional workshops to increase her expertise on our LMS. If she sees students struggling with a concept or activity in FYEX, she will suggest a solution or create a tool to help. She develops her own teaching materials and shares them with the FYEX crew (her revamped VARK worksheet, her syllabi, her “Who Wants to Be a Master Student” game – a la “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”). She also helped instructors with their grading by creating rubrics for the packet assignments.

Kathy is a voice that is heard on the FYEX team and in the classroom. She connects well with both colleagues and students. She has a great rapport with them. She takes extra measures to make sure the course coordinator is informed, especially when there is an unusual situation. She shares her laugh and sense of humor with everyone and makes the learning process fun.

Gail Baptiste
Senior Adjunct Instructor
Health Sciences Division

Gail has been an adjunct instructor for the course Nutrition (NUTR-211) at HCC since fall 2006. In addition to teaching at the main campus, Gail also teaches nutrition courses at the Laurel College Center, Prince George’s Community College, and Bowie University. Summer 2011 Gail was awarded a Faculty Development grant for the development of the nutrition major’s course Food Science and Technology. Offered for the first time this semester (spring 2012), Gail has 25 students, the maximum enrollment.

Academic year 2011-12 Gail served as faculty advisor for the newly developed Nutrition and Fitness student club at HCC. Not a paid position, Gail volunteered her time outside of the three classes she taught at HCC to further assist students.

Gail has furthered her education at HCC by taking numerous professional development courses and has gone through the extensive CE6 training to teach online. Each of Gail’s class sessions is in power point format, which she developed and makes available to her students on the supplemental web site she maintains.

As a Registered Dietician, Gail maintains her credentialing by taking courses that keep her current in her field. Routinely, Gail sends emails with updated dietetic practices and research to her teaching peers and shares this information with her students. Gail is a dynamic instructor who makes learning fun and engaging for her students by providing hands-on exercises, games, and even nutritious snacks for the students to enjoy. Gail’s dedication to her students is evident in the outstanding student evaluations she consistently receives.

Kathleen Mulhall
Master Adjunct Instructor
Mathematics Division

Kathleen began teaching in the mathematics division at HCC in Spring 1999. Over the years she has taught a wide range of courses from arithmetic through statistics and precalculus at both the main campus and the Laurel College Center. Kathleen has a wonderful rapport with her students and is known for her dedication. She can frequently be found in the hallways working with groups of her students. In addition to being a very effective classroom instructor, Kathleen is a valuable tutor in the walk-in MATH Lab because of her knowledge of Statistics and College Algebra as well as her generous time commitment. She is able to reinforce learning in a way that forces the student to learn through constantly recalling material and building upon previous knowledge.

Over the years, Kathleen has assisted with many important projects including the college readiness placement test project with Howard County Public Schools’ career and technology students. Kathleen was one of the original pilot instructors for the new college algebra course. On numerous occasions she volunteered to assist in revamping materials. Kathleen is a coordinator’s dream. She is a dedicated professional with a strong attention to detail. She adheres to all policies and procedures within our programs while at the same time making constructive recommendations for improvements. Course coordinators agree that it is always a pleasure to have Kathleen work on their team.

Rhonda Canham
Senior Adjunct Instructor
Science, Engineering and Technology Division

Rhonda teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II labs, and the Human Anatomy and Physiology I lecture. In all of her classes Rhonda demonstrates command of the course material, and strives to help her students master the subject and achieve their goals. When there is a staffing need, Rhonda is the first to jump in to fill it. She comes early in the morning and will stay late into the evening to help someone else out and support her students. If someone needs a substitute, Rhonda comes to the rescue—if there is a need for a new teacher for a section, Rhonda quickly jumps to cover it. She is always prepared when she walks into the classroom, and takes her own time to share her work and materials with other adjunct instructors to help them be prepared. Even when faced with balancing her own accelerated school work, or he recent surgery and physical therapy, Rhonda never let her classes or students suffer and still jumped in to help, provide extra study room hours, and more whenever she could. Rhonda volunteers to assist with events, such as a regional Human Anatomy and Physiology conference held at HCC and other events for the A&P students. Rhonda goes above and beyond what is required to serve the students and the faculty of the Science, Engineering, and Technology division.

Robert Wasilewski
Senior Adjunct Instructor
Social Sciences and Teacher Education Division

Bob has been teaching at HCC for twelve years. He has competencies in CE6 and Canvas instruction. His evaluations are excellent. He has developed an online Money and Banking (ECON-201) course. Bob is also the President of RW Investment Strategies and is a Board Member at the Academy of Finance for the Howard County Public School System. He is an outstanding person and colleague, a mentor to others, a role model to students, and an expert in his field.