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Adjunct Faculty (2010-11)

Donna Jones
Master Adjunct Instructor
Arts and Humanities Division

Donna has been teaching for the photography program here at HCC since the fall semester of 2002. She is an amazing teacher and is well loved by her students. She has played a significant role in the design and development of all three digital photography classes and contributed to the designing and setting up of the Digital Photography Lab. In addition, she helped develop and now teaches a Studio Lighting course. Her expertise in these areas has been invaluable.

Donna also runs a Photography Studio called Fstop Studio, so she brings in real-world experience to her classes. She was the editor for the photography book, Ethiopia from the Heart, and was a key player in planning and organizing the very successful “Ethiopia from the Heart” exhibit that was shown in the Rouse Company Foundation Art Gallery. She also has a Studio Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. In addition to all of these accomplishments, she teaches at The Washington School of Photography, the Art League School, Glen Echo Photo Works, and VisArts in Rockville, as well as offering continuing education classes. She also runs Photo Safaris on the weekends for Washington Photo Safaris and is in the process of organizing an Ethiopia Photo Safari for 2011.

David Milburn
Adjunct Instructor
Business and Computer Systems Division

David began teaching in the Hospitality and Culinary Management program at HCC in the fall of 2009 and has taught all of the introductory and advanced-level courses offered in the Baking and Pastries program. Always, in his work, David is consistent, dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. He has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done. His energy and passion for baking rubs off positively on his students and in just a span of three semesters, David is one of the most sought-after instructors in the program, which is evident by his strong IDEA results. He has been extremely active towards the well-being of all his students and the program, both inside and outside the classroom. It was his efforts and leadership that helped us get our Baking and Pastries concentration off the ground. He not only developed courses such as CMGT-235 (International Breads), CMGT-250 (Cake Decorating and Candy Making) and CMGT-240 (Baking and Pastry Showpieces), but also taught them successfully over the period of three semesters. His loyalty towards HCC and the Hospitality and Culinary Management program is evident through his actions; for example, he supplied his personal equipment to his students and the program so that all new courses could run successfully before we were in a position buy our own equipment. He also took initiative in preparing his Baking and Pastries students for the Chocolate Ball competition which was won by the program two years in a row (2009 and 2010).

Outside of his teaching responsibilities David has demonstrated many times over his dedication to the students, HCC, and the continued success of the culinary program as listed:
2009 – ARC of Howard County Chocolate Ball – 1st Place People’s Choice Award
2009 – Howard County Public School system – Two-Day Event, Chocolate Sculpture Demonstration
2010 – Rouse Scholars – Chocolate Demonstration
2010 – Pro Start Judge – Restaurant Association of Maryland Educational Foundation
2010 – Created birthday cake for retiring VPAA-Ron Roberson
2010 - ARC of Howard County Chocolate Ball – 1st Place People’s Choice Award
2010 - ARC of Howard County Chocolate Ball – Produced over 2,000 individual pieces
2010 - Grand Prix – Co-organized production, setup and serving of 800 individual pieces of chocolate confections
2010 – 40th Birthday Celebration Open House HCC – Chocolate sculpture demonstration, organization and setup of demonstration and tasting samples. As seen from his body of work as an adjunct instructor within the Hospitality and Culinary Management program, David has not only met our expectations but has exceeded them greatly. Through his efforts, the program is regarded as a premier program in the region and is applauded by celebrity chefs such as Chef Duff Goldman. We are extremely honored to have chef David as a part of out instructional team.

Trish Hemler
Adjunct Instructor
Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division

Trish Hemler has been a vital part of the success of nursing and allied health programs in the division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development since 2007. She serves as a lead instructor and curriculum developer for both Theory and Clinical portions of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course. This HCC course prepares 250-300 students each year to enter the health care field. Trish holds her students to consistently high standards and offers them endless amounts of encouragement and support so that they can be successful not only in the course, but in future courses and in their careers. During the students’ clinical experience, Trish helps them to navigate the world of long-term care and teaches them how to care for their elderly patients and residents with professionalism, compassion, and respect.

Trish maintains excellent relationships with the facilities we use for our clinical experiences and has formed constructive and collaborative relationships with their Directors of Nursing and other key administrators. This relationship building is critical for the future success of our programs.

Trish represents the college by voluntarily serving on Maryland Board of Nursing committees that are designing the future of nursing at every level and has been a key contributor to the planning of a revised CNA curriculum as well as a new refresher CNA course.

Over the past year, Trish worked closely with others to ensure the successful renewal of the high school CNA program through the Maryland Board of Nursing and has recently started the work to renew the HCC and Laurel College Center CNA programs. She piloted a highly successful and profitable CNA Intensive course in January and was instrumental in piloting and refining new procedures for the literacy testing and wait-list process. She also piloted the use of an off-site facility. Together these initiatives allow the college to program more courses of higher quality for more students in a variety of formats.

Trish has recently taken on the role of Nurse Planner for HCC nursing courses that offer contact hours. She will work closely with the American Nurses Credentialing Center, with the Maryland Community College Association for Continuing Education and Training, and with our affiliation group, Committee on Nursing and Allied Health. She is also training to teach two new nursing courses for the division: RN Case Manager/Delegating Nurse/Assisted Living and Train the Trainer, which will prepare additional instructors to teach in our expanding CNA programs.

Trish is a highly enthusiastic, energetic, and intelligent innovator that truly embodies the mission and vision of the college. She is an inspirational role model for her students, a trusted and respected colleague, and a natural yet humble leader.

Robin Allen-Klein
Adjunct Instructor
English and World Languages Division

Since 2002, Robin Allen-Klein has been teaching HCC students in developmental writing, composition, ESL, and literature with an outstanding record of commitment to and success with diverse populations. Robin is a faculty leader within the Silas Craft Collegians Program, renowned for her ability to support students in the mastery of their course objectives while holding them accountable for their own success, and she has been instrumental in working behind the scenes to identify at-risk students and devise strategies for additional support or intervention. Robin extends her commitment to first-year students by including peer leaders in her classes to help them discover their voices and confidence; one such student became an HCC Commencement speaker. Robin has also been a devoted Step UP coach and program advocate for the last several years, many semesters coaching two students weekly instead of the usual one. She has also been a leader in sharing innovative instructional technologies and varied learning methodologies to increase student engagement. Robin is a highly respected and valued member of the English and World Languages division.

Helen Cruz
Adjunct Instructor
Health Sciences Division

Helen has been an adjunct clincal instructor since 2005 and has effectively led clinical groups in NURS-122, NURS-236 and NURS-236X. She has also taught theory classes in NURS-236X to help meet the need for faculty during the summer session. Helen earned a MSN from the University of Maryland. She is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who works full time for the VA. Helen brings current, relevant nursing expertise to her clinical groups.

Helen is on time and in attendance at all course faculty meetings. She responds to requests from the course leader immediately. She has a consistently positive attitude, a keen sense of humor, is passionate about the practice of nursing and a strong student advocate, and is flexible and always willing to help meet the needs of the Nurse Education program. Her documentation/student folders are always complete and submitted on time. Throughout each course, she contacts the course leader regularly to provide updates on the progress of her students. She reaches out to newly hired adjunct clinical instructors to help them navigate the requirements of the clinical agencies and gives “tips of the trade” on how to lead productive clinical sessions. Helen provides feedback and recommendations on how to improve the nursing course.

Her evaluations from her clinical group members are consistently positive and enthusiastic. Typical comments include:
“Helen is the best clinical instructor I have ever had.”
“Helen has high expectations and made me want to do my best work.”
“I’ve never learned so much in clinical before.”
“Helen has prepared me well for my first job as an RN.”

Helen attends the All Faculty Evenings and Nursing Recognition Ceremonies. She is an excellent example of a lifetime learner as she enthusiastically embraces new knowledge and teaching modalities. Helen represents the Nurse Education program and Howard Community College well.

Edward Brune
Adjunct Instructor
Mathematics Division

Ed Brune is the 2010-2011 outstanding adjunct faculty for mathematics. Ed is a retired public school teacher who joined our adjunct staff in 2009. He is an excellent instructor who brings a lot of great experience to the developmental classroom. Students in MATH-060 through MATH-067 appreciate his caring, no-nonsense attitude and his clear explanations. He can frequently be found tutoring groups of students and is very willing to assist with division projects such as helping to staff the make-up exam sessions on the Monday of final exam weeks. Ed participates in the placement testing program in the high schools and when needed served as a lead teacher at a site. At our request, he developed materials for teaching mathematics in the high school culinary classes for the career & technology teachers. He also provided professional development training for those teachers. The Mathematics division greatly appreciates Ed’s work with the developmental students at HCC.

Mike Plotnick
Adjunct Instructor
Science and Technology Division

Mike has been teaching courses in Physics, Chemistry, A+ Computer Repair, programming for engineers and numerical method, while working as an aide in the technology laboratory. He has kept the engineering drop-in center open on Friday afternoons for a year. In curriculum development, Mike has traveled to the University of Maryland at College Park to help negotiate the evolution of the programming course in electrical engineering. He has spoken to the engineering club about the exotic train engines and the details of the Wright Brothers contribution to flight. He has mentored freshmen engineering projects in aviation from his past experience as an ultralight owner and pilot. But his most significant contribution is an enthusiasm for the discipline of programming. He inspires other students and faculty by painting the world of programming as uncharted territory that has yet to be explored. As a result, HCC students are more interested in programming.

Maura Dunnigan
Adjunct Instructor
Social Science and Teacher Education Division

Maura Dunnigan, a former Howard County Special Education teacher, has been the Rouse sophmore instructor since the fall of 2004. Maura plans and attends all Rouse events and orientations. One of her major responsibilities is soliciting and placing mentors for twenty or more Rouse students. She has also revamped the Rouse sophomore seminars and has directed them toward community responsibility. Her work features a number of Service Learning projects. Dunnigan has organized a bi-annual book collection drive for third world countries, placed students at the Maryland Food Bank, SERRV International and Howard County stream clean-up projects. For the last two years Maura organized and led week-long Habitat for Humanity efforts in West Virginia and South Carolina. These last two projects were done in June on her own time. Mrs. Dunnigan has also taught HMDV-100 courses. A hard and devoted worker, Maura is what makes HCC such a special and caring place.