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Full-time Faculty (2009-10)

Mary Beth Furst
Instructor, Business
Business and Computer Systems Division

Mary Beth has provided exceptional leadership in the development of the technological competencies that are required in the division’s outcome assessment. She has worked closely with her faculty in particular to deploy the technical infrastructure that will not only teach students the elements of business but also to teach them how to communicate. Mary Beth has also provided college workshops, professional development, and individual assistance to faculty to assist them in the learning cycle of these activities.

Development of BMGT-200, Managing for the Future, is complete and currently being offered in spring 2010. This is a dynamic course in the new Virtual Management Curriculum. The development of this course was not included in her MAPs but has been a significant cornerstone in the Virtual Management Curriculum. The integration of new material, technological competence, and real life experiences with companies has been truly an amazing effort.

Mary Beth has also served on the Adult Learning Committee, as well as the college-wide effort for globalization of curriculum. Her contributions in this area have been noted both by division chairs and within our divisional area.

Further, Mary Beth has done an outstanding job in determining patterns of failure within the BMGT-100 Gateway Course. She has worked to provide data, additional support within the class, and has created a standardized approach to the execution of the course. This effort extended to reviewing test patterns for students, providing interventions during the class to assist successful completion, and tracking and analyzing all mid-term and final grades. Recommendations for adjustment were implemented in both the fall and spring semesters. This required significant time and training of the adjunct faculty.

Mary Beth has developed a new “cohort” model for students who would like to come to a community college and transfer to a good business college. The model includes mentoring, cohort work, parental involvement, and articulation with Loyola College. Upon approval of this, implementation and recruiting would begin during the spring 2010 semester for seating in the cohort in fall 2011. Her vision and the design that has been developed required significant vision, coordination, and development skills. This innovative approach will help students make the leap to a larger institution which is well known in the business area.

MaryBeth has both outstanding IDEAs and comment sheets. Her classes are always filled and students request additional classes that she may be teaching. She has worked very collaboratively with faculty and staff to explore new options in teaching and learning, which has helped to drive the divisional outcome assessment revisions and to incorporate these new skills into over six courses.

Mary Beth's activities have greatly exceeded expectation, implementation, and quality of execution. All of her activities have been student-focused and were done without regard to time and effort. She has had a significant impact on our classes. Mary Beth’s efforts and ideas have been outstanding.

Dr. Deborah Kent
Professor, Music; Director of Music
Arts and Humanities Division

Dr. Deborah Kent has made significant contributions to the Arts and Humanities Division in her years of teaching at HCC. Under her direction, the Music program has become a high quality, high profile academic and performing arts department, culminating in receiving unconditional accreditation with the National Association of Schools of Music this year. One of very few community colleges in the country to receive this accreditation, HCC’s Music program received very high marks on its Self Study by NASM’s visiting accrediting team. The planning and execution of the multi-year Self Study was designed and directed by Deborah. This effort included the development and restructuring of the music curriculum in preparation of the NASM Self Study. Deborah has done an excellent job restructuring the curriculum to improve our music students’ competency as they exit the program. She has restructured the Applied Music program for music majors, requiring them to enroll in a lab so that they will participate in music forums, providing them with needed performance experience.

In addition to the NASM project, Deborah has been extraordinary in her service in the classroom and studio; as HCC’s representative on the Council for Higher Education in Music (CHEM); as a guest lecturer for Fine Arts and Humanities classes; as a pre-concert lecturer; as a leader in her Music program, Musical Arts Center and Little Patuxent Opera Institute administrative duties; as a designer of the Music program, music website, and music faculty handbook; and as a supporter of the faculty concert and student recital series and the unprecedented two-year project, the Anne Koscielny Beethoven Piano Sonata Concert Series. In addition to all of her outstanding faculty and director activities, Deborah continues to perform beautiful solo recitals here at HCC and in prestigious choruses in the region.

The Music Department will be restructured in the 2010-2011 academic year, and Deborah will take on the new challenge of coordinating the Vocal Music Program, transitioning the Director of Music duties to Dr. Hsien-Ann Meng. The leadership of the Music program has been and will continue to be in excellent hands!

Cheryl Berman
Professor, World Languages
English and World Languages Division

Cheryl Berman’s innovative ideas, dynamic energy, and creativity in World Languages and study abroad programs have revolutionized the lives of thousands of HCC students. Her efforts over the years in crafting exciting, relevant, and diverse language learning and cultural experiences have resulted in an extraordinarily rich and forward-thinking languages curriculum employing over thirty diverse adjunct faculty and have been instrumental in making HCC a recognized leader in the field of international education. Most recently, the Institute of International Education conferred upon the Mexico Study Abroad option she created and directs each January the prestigious Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education. The Heiskell award honors the most outstanding initiatives that are being conducted in international higher education.

Also, in the last four years, she has overseen the learning of over 200 high school students in the critical languages of Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi in her role as director of the highly successful federal STARTALK program. In her own classrooms here and abroad, Cheryl is a challenging, creative, and passionate teacher who engages in continuous quality improvements based on conscientious outcomes assessment. Her faculty colleagues appreciate her willingness to share her ideas and aspire to her profound enthusiasm for all forms of learning.

Jeanette Jeffrey
Associate Professor, International Health and Nutrition
Health Sciences Division

As Coordinator of Public Health and Nutrition, Jeanette Jeffrey has been busy over the past year implementing and promoting HCC’s new Public Health program, which is the nation’s first Arts and Sciences Associate of Arts transfer degree in Public Health. Jeanette developed the program while on sabbatical at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, earning a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and certificates in Public Health Nutrition and Humanitarian Assistance in 2008. The program is designed to articulate to University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Health Administration and Policy Program Public Health track, and earns HCC students 6 upper division level credits upon transfer to University of Maryland.

In recognition of HCC’s trailblazing initiative, Jeanette was asked to write an article for the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) summer 2009 Peer Review publication. (Vol. 11, No. 3) entitled, Offering an Arts and Sciences Associates of Arts Degree Transfer Program in Public Health. Upon reading the article, John Mogulescu, Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs, City Universities of New York (CUNY) invited Jeanette to share her expertise at the meeting The New CUNY Community College and the Health Professions: Pathways, Partnerships and Possibilities held at the Academy of Medicine in NYC, November 200

Although newly launched, HCC’s Public Health program has seen its share of success. The fall 2009 flagship Public Health (PUBH-101) class developed a public health campaign aimed at educating the college community on the issue of global hunger. In one week, this class of 10 students collected over 600 cans of food which they donated to the Howard County Food Bank. PUBH-101 students also traveled to the National Institutes of Health for their Community College Day event to learn of research job opportunities. Publicity of HCC’s program has attracted the attention of leaders in the field of public health and has brought Dr. Paul Stolley, a giant in the field of epidemiology, to HCC to teach the first Epidemiology course in spring 2010.

Associate Professor Jeanette Jeffrey is up for promotion to Professor at HCC spring 2010. She also serves as an adjunct instructor of Global Health at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), and as visiting faculty to the Global Health: Community and Continuing Care summer program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine where she teaches a class in Nutrition during Humanitarian Emergencies.

Jenny Penniman
Mathematics Division

Jenny Penniman is a well-respected faculty member who is dedicated to the success of all students. She devotes countless hours to programs directly related to students' success and retention. Her office hours are used extensively by students and she holds weekly tutoring sessions for Silas Craft students. She is a member of the Silas Craft Advisory Board and student selection committee. She participates in student advising and has completed the training to work with academic warning students.

Jenny's influence extends beyond her own classes. In her role as a coordinator of the elementary algebra program, Jenny has worked extensively with other faculty to review software and expand course options. She provides extensive mentoring and training for adjunct faculty. Each year Jenny is a speaker at a local high school career day and in March, she will be promoting interest in mathematics at the county’s Girl Power event.

During her tenure as chair of the Developmental Education Team, Jenny has worked diligently to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Speakers from within the college have shared information on services and policies that affect both developmental and disabled student populations. Jenny can always be counted on when needed. In addition to all of her extensive responsibilities, she stepped forward to be a co-chair of a Middles States Self-Study subcommittee.

Dr. Bhuvana Chandran
Assistant Professor, Biology
Science and Technology Division

Dr. Bhuvana Chandran has been an inspiring and outstanding teacher for HCC Human Anatomy and Physiology students as an adjunct faculty member (2001), and as a full-time faculty member since 2006. Bhuvana fosters the intellectual growth of all of her students, deepens their critical thinking, and uses creative measures, such as case-based activities, to engage her students. She has implemented Iworx hardware and software tools for teaching physiology to BIOL-204 students, and she has established a training program for the adjunct faculty. Bhuvana teaches BIOL-204 honors seminars and is a co-advisor to the HCC PreMed/PreAllied Health Club. An active member of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, Bhuvana is a member of the testing committee, a team that is now expanding the question database for a national exam for undergraduate students in Anatomy and Physiology.

Bhuvana is currently working on an initiative to introduce global medicine topics into the HCC A&P curriculum. She devotes many hours, beyond what is expected, tutoring her students and assisting adjunct faculty to help them, and the A&P program, succeed. She is a master teacher, as evidenced by her excellent student evaluations and superior student performance on standardized exams, such as the HAPS exam. Dr. Chandran has served students by helping them define and achieve their academic goals, and she is recognized by her peers for her collegiality and her contributions to the success of the division.

Mark Tacyn
Assistant Professor, History
Social Sciences and Teacher Education Division

Mark Tacyn has served the social sciences division and the college in many important roles and functions. He is the social sciences division CE 6 liaison. He tutors adjuncts and all full-time faculty who request his expertise. Mark is the Faculty Forum Executive Council representative for the division. He co-chairs the Faculty Development Team and serves as the Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Outreach Program. He created the Learning and Teaching Circles Program. Mark is also active on the new Writing Intensive projects. In the Fall of 2009, he developed and taught a new course, The History of the Middle East. He complemented this effort by serving as the club sponsor for the college’s Islamic Club. Together with Fred Campbell, Tacyn is developing a Learning Outcomes Assessment project in History-111 on map work and recognition. Finally, Mark is beginning to oversee the coordination of the History adjunct instructors.