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Adjunct Faculty (2009-10)

Dr. Wei-Der Huang
Adjunct Instructor
Arts and Humanities Division

Dr. Wei-Der Huang has made significant contributions to the Arts and Humanities Division in her years of teaching at HCC. Currently, she is the co-director of an unprecedented two-year project, the Beethoven Piano Sonata Concert Series. Working with the project’s other director, Dr. Hsiu-Hui Wang (2003-2004 Arts & Humanities Division Outstanding Adjunct Faculty), these outstanding faculty have brought internationally acclaimed pianist Anne Koscielny to HCC for the monumental undertaking of performing all of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 32 Piano Sonatas in a series of eight concerts. As a part of the series, they worked with the music and film departments to provide pre-concert lectures and the showing of related films to enrich the audience experience. As a part of this project, they have also included two master classes, conducted by Anne Koscielny, for HCC music students, alumni and area musicians, and a lecture performance, given by the artist, sponsored by the HCC Arts & Humanities Women’s Speaker Series. All proceeds from this project, which are expected to exceed $10,000, will benefit HCC’s Music Scholarship Fund. In bringing this project to fruition, Wei-Der has worked closely with the HCC Development Office, Public Relations and Marketing Office, Horowitz Center Management, and professional music associations in the area.

Wei-Der is a dedicated teacher. Besides giving her knowledge and experience to students, she takes special interest in her students’ growth and development. It is not surprising to find her at concerts with students or helping a student in need so that the student can attend class. Wei-Der has also created a piano group for her adult students in Columbia with the idea of creating a supportive environment for them to share their music. As a result, many of the adults from the group have been inspired and encouraged to continue their study at HCC. When not teaching, Wei-Der finds the time to continue sharpening her own skill as a pianist and musician. She is a member of the Octtava Piano Duo along with HCC full-time music faculty, Dr. Hsien-Ann Meng. As an adjunct faculty at HCC, Wei-Der has taught Fundamentals of Music, Class Piano I & II, Music Theory I, Musicianship, Keyboards Skills & Ear Training Lab I, and Applied Piano. She is an avid chamber music coach. Wei-Der has been a pianist for the Little Patuxent Opera Institute, she contributes to Candlelight Concerts Series, and she is the organist and the music director at the Greenbelt Community Church. She brings a critical mind and fun to any project of which she is a part in the music department.

David Murphy
Master Adjunct Instructor
Business and Computer Systems Division

David Murphy is an excellent instructor. In his classes he demonstrates the importance and significance of the subject matter to real world applications. He constantly encourages student-faculty interaction outside of class (office visits, phone calls, e-mails, use of CE6 and the online web tool “AwayFind” that enable him to receive an SMS message that contains all of the details that students enter). He is very helpful, encouraging, and supportive of students’ efforts and course work. David stimulated students to intellectual effort beyond that required by most courses. David is an excellent team player and early adapter of new technologies as well as a new learning management system - SAM Office 2007, that we are implementing this semester. He has a positive impact on students and faculty.

Patty Colabucci
Adjunct Instructor
Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division

Patty Colabucci has taught for Continuing Education since March of 1999 which speaks to her dedication to HCC and its students. She teaches for both the Lifelong Learning and Career Program units and coordinates the senior aquatics classes and also teaches several levels of classes to senior adults, including Senior Aquatic Wellness, Deep Water Fitness and S.W.E.A.T. Through taking her classes, senior adult students maintain and improve their health and quality of life. Patty always maintains a positive attitude and goes out of her way to accommodate her students. Patty has a calm and friendly manner which enables her to work harmoniously with the 50+ students she teaches in water jogging and swim classes. The diversity of the skill levels in her classes is a challenge; however, Patty is sincere in her desire to help her students obtain their goals and adapts her instruction appropriately. Her evaluations are always outstanding with many written comments praising her expertise. When her co-instructor has been unable to teach, Patty has always taken the lead in scheduling substitutes. She is proactive in making sure her students receive the best instruction and ensures that the appropriate equipment and instructional aides are available. Patty is organized and professional, and her love of what she does is evident in the energy level she brings to her classes.

Michelle Tomkinson
Master Adjunct Instructor
English and World Languages Division

Michelle Tomkinson is a dedicated, master-level developmental reading teacher of ENGL-093 and ENGL-096 in the English/World Languages division. She has been instrumental in the development and expansion of ENGL-093 over the years and did not hesitate to step into a leadership position last year when needed. As the course contact for ENGL-093, she develops materials for classroom and lab use. She focuses on creating challenging assignments that are relevant to the skills students need when they advance to higher levels. She assists in hiring and training classroom and lab instructors, and serves as a mentor to new adjunct reading faculty. Michelle regularly attends professional development sessions, serves on the Developmental Education Committee, and tutors in the Learning Assistance Center.

With characteristic patience and perseverance, Michelle works with academically challenged students. She devotes many extra hours to preparation and collaboration across campus with advisors and tutors in Academic and Student Support Services to ensure she meets students’ needs. Michelle’s calm, thoughtful approach is appreciated by students and colleagues alike. She is the go-to person for reading instructors in search of innovative ways to motivate students.

Michelle makes significant contributions to HCC’s mission to provide the highest quality instruction. She is a well-regarded, essential member of the developmental reading team.

Linda Barnes
Senior Adjunct Instructor
Health Sciences Division

Linda Barnes consistently receives the highest rating (strongly agree) in all 11 evaluation criteria for nursing instructors’ IDEA evalutions. Her students comment that: “Linda is great! Her relaxed and positive attitude made our clinical experience both fun and fulfilling.” “We learned so much!” Linda has creative ways of making sure the students work on the clinical objectives. For example, the students will pull an objective out of a bag and then will relate their clinical knowledge and reasoning to discuss the objective. This encourages all students to be prepared for all the clinical objectives because they don’t know ahead of time which one they will have to address. The NURS-134 Course Leader and faculty appreciate Linda’s positive attitude and her diligence in promoting positive student outcomes. She is always present for and instructs required skills during on-campus skills (every session) and supervises students effectively as they practice. Linda has strong written and verbal communication skills. She demonstrates strong clinical skills in the clinical setting as well. Linda interfaces well with the educational liasion for Montgomery General Hospital (her current clinical site) and actively works to provide our students with excellent learning experiences. She is a Certified Childbirth Educator through Lamaze International. Linda currently teaches expectant parents Preparation for Childbirth weekly at Howard County General Hospital. But she has also taught across the nursing curriculum, including Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing I and II and Family Centered Nursing I.

Michael O'Donnell
Senior Adjunct Instructor
Mathematics Division

Michael O’Donnell is an extraordinary adjunct professor in the Mathematics Division. He has worked for HCC for the last two years, and during that time he has frequently given service above and beyond the ordinary. As a statistician at the Federal Drug Administration, he is particularly well qualified to present statistics in ways that are relevant to the students. Michael is a talented, experienced and skillful instructor. He is constantly working to develop new course materials including organizing homework packets for the students that have problems related to their major. He took the clicker training class and wrote clicker questions for his statistics classes. He frequently shares new ideas for class examples and projects that he is developing. Many new adjunct instructors visit his class to observe his teaching. He has welcomed them and is willing to share his good teaching techniques with them. His student evaluations indicate that the students value the work he does for them.

Michael’s service to our statistics students does not stop in the classroom. He works in the Walk-In Math Lab several hours each week. Also true to his generous nature, he has also been a speaker for the statistics honors seminar for the last two years. Michael’s service to the mathematics division has been varied and substantial. The faculty members and students have benefited from the contributions of this wonderful adjunct.

Michael Routh
Adjunct Instructor
Sciences and Technology Division

Mike Routh joined the Science and Technology division in the fall of 2001 after teaching electronics courses for RETS (later TESST College) for nine years. He started as an instructor for our Personal Computer System Repair courses (CMSY-105 & CMSY-106). Later he became the HCC instructor for our Network Cabling System course (ELEC-140). Mike has been instrumental with our Network Cabling System course. Since being asked to become the primary instructor, he has taken the Tyco Electronics’ AMP NetConnect ™ course to become certified as a Premise Network Cabling Installer. He has also completely written the Lab Manual for the ELEC-140 course, which is sold in the bookstore. This manual was the first-ever written lab manual for this course. He used a number of reference materials, including AMP instruction sheets, so that our cabling course completes all the course objectives and the hands-on cable termination established by AMP. This allows our students to take an additional exam, at no cost to them, to also achieve their network cabling certification for both copper and fiber optics cabling. This was a direct result of the partnership between HCC and AMP Corporation. It was Mike’s hard work, extra efforts, and attention to detail that has made this program a success. The course enrollment has more than doubled since he completed this course upgrade in 2008.

Mike is an outstanding Adjunct Instructor who is always working behind the scenes to ensure the success of his students and that the materials he uses in this ever-changing world of technology are always the most current and up-to-date. Mike has been an outstanding instructor with his students who have given him high marks.

Cody Nicodemus
Senior Adjunct Instructor
Social Sciences and Teacher Education Division

Cindy Nicodemus has been serving as an adjunct instructor for both Psychology and Human Development for a number of years, and during that time she has proven to be a team player, a creative and intuitive teacher, hard-working, and genuinely affable to both faculty and students alike.

dDuring her tenure with us, she has attended numerous workshops that the college offers, enough to advance her to the Master instructor level. But above and beyond this, she seeks out opportunities to improve her teaching. She is always busy networking with the full- and part-time staff, she researches and attends local psychology conferences, and she passes along valuable information to the psychology and human development faculty which she has gotten from these worthwhile conferences. She has been developing and tweaking a project called “The Virtual Person” and has shared it with the adjuncts in the human development area. Her association with the ARC program, called CORE here on campus, has benefitted the Service Learning students immensely. The personal contact makes all the difference.