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Full-time Faculty (2008-09)

Robin Bauer
Associate Professor, Spanish
English/World Languages Division

Robin is that very, very tall Spanish instructor, but that is the least of the reasons why she stands out. She exemplifies HCC’s spirit of innovation and service, with a talent for helping her students make deep learning connections with real-world skills and experiences. Her division colleagues testify that Robin “is innovative and energetic...has long been amazing in giving of her time (and vacations) to foster, among our students, a concern for others.” Robin’s students describe her as patient, encouraging, enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable. Her extensive involvement with student groups during the Alternative Winter and Spring Breaks has been outstanding in giving them hands-on opportunities to work with those in need.

In addition to delivering the highest quality instruction, serving as coordinator of World Languages lab faculty and tutors, as C&I facilitator for World Languages course development, and as a StepUP coach, Robin’s accomplishments this year include the following:

  • Connected her Spanish 101 students to students studying English in Colombia, South America so they could talk together live via Skype and webcam.
  • Connected her Spanish 101 students to a small mountain community in the Dominican Republic by having them write Spanish children's books that are taken to the schoolhouse library in the community twice a year.
  • Co-led the Alternative Winter Break program in San Diego, taking ten students to work with social service and community development agencies in the border town of San Ysidro.
  • Presented by invitation on "Service Learning in Languages" at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
  • Served on the Advisory Panel for a new intermediate-level Spanish textbook based on Service Learning.

The English/World Languages division is proud to be represented by such an outstanding colleague who focuses her strengths and channels her energy so effectively towards real change in student learning outcomes and who inspires us to see the essential connections between education and service. Robin Bauer is truly a servant leader.

Dr. Hsien-Ann Meng
Instructor, Music
Arts and Humanities Division

Dr. Meng came to HCC as an adjunct faculty member in 2002. She joined us full time in 2007, and since then has made many contributions to HCC’s music curriculum and to our efforts to create a true cultural arts program at the Horowitz Center.

The Howard Community College Concert Series brings music to the forefront of the Horowitz Center Cultural program. Dr. Meng created the series, and each season (academic year) she plans out the series’ programs and schedules, arranges performances by professional performing artists/faculty, handles public relations, and maintains the webpage for the concert series. She works closely with the Horowitz Center manager in facility reservation, box office ticketing policies, and with music department students in production support. She is also using her PR skills in the publicity of the Beethoven Series that is to take place next year at the Horowitz Center.

In the classroom Dr. Meng has led students in creating class-related blog websites to create a musical information/learning community for all music students, while at the same time assessing an aspect of student learning by the content students provide on the blog. She is also responsible for the addition of music history courses to our music curriculum—a four-semester music history track is currently in development—and she is developing an online version of Music Appreciation. She is also working on an HCC music competition using YouTube as a submission/evaluation platform.

Outside the music suite, Dr. Meng is a member of the Middle States Self-Study Team and the diversity committee. She participates in numerous collaborative concerts, is a member of The National Music Teachers Association, Maryland State Music Teachers Association, Montgomery County Music Teachers Association, and The Friday Morning Music Club. She has also served as an adjudicator for music competitions in Washington, DC and the surrounding metropolitan area, and was a guest speaker for the 8th Annual Women’s Studies/Arts & Humanities Speaker Series.

Dr. Judith Kizzie
Associate Professor, Business
Business and Computer Systems Division

Dr. Kizzie has had an exceptional year in both volume of work and in quality of performance. In conjunction with Consuelo Stewart she developed a summer adjunct workshop on the Art of Teaching. This seminar was an ongoing process that extended into the fall semester to assist adjuncts in their teaching performance. She continues to mentor many of these individuals from various divisions of the college. Dr. Kizzie has volunteered for the Middle States committee and has been an active member. In addition, she has served as a member of the Faculty Forum Board (Treasurer) and assisted in revising/updating their bookkeeping structure. As the Faculty Forum representative she has also been very proactive towards engaging the full-time and adjunct faculty within the Business and Computer Systems division regarding issues and updates. Judith keeps people involved and has created action within the college and in her division.

Dr. Kizzie serves on the statewide business articulation team and has been selected to represent the community colleges. She has been asked specially to speak to this team on business education and financial literacy issues. This work has been critical for the redevelopment of the curriculum at the college. In addition, Judith has provided staff development presentations to new faculty on financial literacy and one to housekeeping on conflict management. Judith continues to assist at functions through the division such as the Alpha Beta Gamma event and the Entrepreneur Celebration. She proactively seeks to support others within and outside the divisional areas without compensation.

The most noteworthy accomplishment of this leader is the outstanding work she has crafted with the adjunct faculty for which she is responsible. She has created a one-on-one mentorship of each adjunct and has provided direct and supportive instruction for improvement in the classroom. This is supplemented with detailed observations and meetings. This year she has worked extremely hard to assemble a team that is diverse and willing to be moved into areas of technology. She has provided training and support for this team in a very comprehensive format. This is done at the same time she is working on a full professor promotion project. Judith is also preparing with a colleague to publish during this year. Her IDEA surveys are excellent.

When we talk about bringing leadership along in the college, Judith is one of the individuals who excel in working with our new faculty. It is hard to quantify the time and the immediate outcome, but it is obvious that this leader has stepped up to make a difference. She goes out of her way to reach out to new faculty and help create excellence. She shares time, material, observations and advice. Dr. Kizzie is an outstanding faculty member.

Valerie Davies
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Health Sciences Division

Valerie has demonstrated her ability to develop and implement curriculum and has been a valuable member of the nursing faculty team. Valerie has taught across the associate, accelerated, and practical nurse curriculums and has coordinated multiple evening sections of a variety of courses. Her current assignment is as Course Leader for NURS-233: Nursing Care of Patients with Complex Health Problems II. This course is particularly challenging as it falls within the first semester of the second year of the associate degree nursing program. Students exhibit a high degree of anxiety and stress at this point in the program. Performance in this course is an accurate predictor of program completion and success on the licensing exam. Therefore, it is a high stakes course.

Valerie’s documentation of student clinical performance and evaluation is exemplary and is used as a model for professional development workshops for faculty. She has completed projects that focus on promotion of clinical judgment through the advancement of critical thinking, utilizing her expertise in adult nursing and pathophysiology. Valerie has developed an additional clinical module to guide student experiences in dialysis units, allowing them to apply theoretical content on acute, chronic, and end-stage renal failure to practice. Valerie has embraced the use of the student response technology (clickers) and has incorporated it into her teaching presentations. This is especially valuable, as it exposes students to NCLEX style traditional and alternate format questions. Students who practice NCLEX style questions perform better on the licensing exam than those who do not. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing advises students to “practice” a minimum of 3000 such questions prior to sitting for the exam.

Valerie’s professional development activities are extensive (including CE6) and she maintains clinical practice hours and CEUs required for licensure as a nurse practitioner. Valerie serves on the ethics, nursing textbook, uniform and curriculum committees. She has volunteered for Friendly Campus, and participates in New Student Orientation, Freshman Focus, and group advising. Valerie is a member of a faculty learning community and has exemplary IDEA surveys and classroom observations. She is an excellent instructor and a strong clinician and administrator.

Dr. Loretta Tokoly
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Mathematics Division

Loretta is passionate about teaching and student learning. Her lessons are full of real life examples and she strives to make learning mathematics memorable and fun. She has developed some basic “hands-on” activities for MATH-060 and MATH-064 to help with the concepts such as putting fractions on the number line, and adding variables raised to different powers. Loretta is innovative and willing to try new ideas to improve student success. She volunteered this semester to train a group of student aides to serve as group leaders in the Math Walk-In Lab specifically for MATH-131 students. She is facilitating a group lab every Thursday afternoon.

Loretta has embraced the use of technology in her teaching and is always willing to try new techniques that might further engage the students in learning. A typical example is the storyboard that she developed in a FLASH presentation for “Symmetry“ for MATH-131.

Loretta seeks out materials (she refers to them as “Math action” websites) that might further students’ understanding of mathematics and develops worksheets to aid in their investigation of the topics. Loretta also shares her ideas with the broader mathematics community. Each year she has been a presenter at conferences such as the Maryland Council of Teacher of Mathematics that are jointly attended by high school teachers and college faculty. Last April she also presented at the Frostburg State University 37th Annual Mathematics Symposium on “The Many Facets of Mathematics,” giving “hands-on” demonstrations of topics of recreational mathematics and those that can be used for inspiration on days before long holidays (like the Mobius Strip) and that can be used to introduce or further examine topics including higher level applications, such as fractal cards.

Loretta participates in many community related activities. She has volunteered to staff a table at the Girl Power event on March 1 at the Applied Physics Lab. She reviews problems for the HCPSS Math League Meets and is taking over responsibility as the primary moderator. She has been a StepUP coach, has served on the Readmit Committee and Sabbatical Leave Committee. On the NSF Grant committee, Loretta has been primarily responsible for setting up the curriculum for the STEM cohort of students. She contacted speakers in the various disciplines and arranged for field trips. She has been working with government agencies (NSA, EPA, etc.) and private businesses to arrange mentorships and internships for the students. She is always actively recruiting students for the scholarship program and the STEM seminars. This program is only in its first year and already has a strong start because of Loretta’s energy and enthusiasm.

What stands out the most about Loretta is the way she deals with students. She is devoted to her students. She gives them the time of day. There is always a steady flow of students going in and out of her office. Loretta teaches all levels of mathematics and works so well with all students.

Debbie Luquette
Assistant Professor, Biology
Science & Technology Division

The Science and Technology Division’s outstanding full- time faculty member is Debbie Luquette. In addition to teaching BIOL-101, BIOL-105, BIOL-115 and the BIOL-105 honors seminar, Debbie is the faculty advisor to the Environmental Club. She has played an important role in promoting environmental awareness among students and staff, by establishing and coordinating a new HCC Earth Day Celebration, by assisting with awarding the Environmental Endowment, and by helping HCC to implement sustainable campus initiatives. She presented a poster at this year’s AFAACT conference highlighting an authentic assessment project that she is implementing in her Environmental Science course. She will present a “laboratory exercise workshop” to the Association for Biological Laboratory Educators (ABLE) in June, 2009. This year, she has created an activity for her BIOL-101 students to improve their understanding of biology as it relates to current events. Students in the newly created BIOL-105 honors seminar provide assistance to naturalists at the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area (MPEA) by performing research projects based on priorities identified by the MPEA. Debbie is a gifted biology teacher who has also committed herself to environmental education and related activities designed to improve environmental awareness and protection. In addition, she attended the Association for Biology Laboratory Education meeting at the University of Toronto in June, 2008.

Greg Fleisher
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Social Sciences and Teacher Education Division

Greg Fleisher is an outstanding faculty member who is always willing to share teaching ideas and support his colleagues and their programs. He has been an excellent mentor to Dr. Lensa Hailu and a strong resource in the Sociology critical thinking outcomes assessment project. He consistently receives the highest scores in his IDEA surveys and is not content to rest on his favorable course evaluations. He has developed an outstanding set of Power Point presentations and has mastered CE 6 instruction. In addition to his teaching excellence, Greg serves as the Assistant Director of the Rouse Scholars Program where he oversees activities and projects. His role on the Application Selection Committee comes close to one hundred hours. Fleisher also serves on the Diversity Committee, the Book Selection Committee and each year conducts a college-wide poverty simulation program involving close to eighty students and faculty. He teaches in the Schoenbrodt Program, coordinates the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship program at HCC and participates in a number of Service Learning projects each year. It is hard to imagine where he finds the time to be so active and forthcoming.