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Adjunct Faculty (2008-09)

Amanda Miller
Adjunct Instructor
Arts and Humanities Division

Amanda Miller is an excellent teacher who continually makes huge contributions to our Art program. She teaches Two-Dimensional Basic Design, Art Appreciation on campus and via CampusWeb, and, when needed, at the Laurel College Center.

Amanda took the lead in introducing a digital art component to our 2D design classes. She included Adobe Illustrator as a creative tool in her classes, and created lesson examples and worksheets for the rest of the art department so they too could incorporate a digital component in their classes. She has also offered printmaking workshops and classes in addition to her usual load. Jim Adkins, Director of Visual Arts and Amanda’s supervisor sums it up with, “Amanda’s wide range of skills and her willingness to contribute more than required has made her an outstanding asset to the Art Department.”

Aaron Altscher
Adjunct Instructor, Entrepreneurship
Business and Computer Systems Division

Aaron represents the values of both his division and the college in his teaching and in the other efforts he puts forth on behalf of the college.

For the last three years Aaron has been a part of the adjunct faculty team for the division. He has taught two different entrepreneurship classes as well as Business Communications. He is an innovative teacher and brings real life business scenarios to the classroom. For example, in the spring of 2008 his Business Communications class completed an innovative plan for additional parking at the college that was focused on profit as well as customer service. In observing his classes and in talking with his students, it is evident that he takes the time to personally connect and get to know each student. He is energetic, has a great sense of humor and passion for the work of teaching. He is well prepared for his classes and brings current life events into the classroom. He uses a variety of technology and media in his teaching and always tries to create new ways to engage students.

In addition to his dedication to his adjunct faculty responsibilities, Aaron has volunteered his time as a business coach and has coached four students during the past eighteen months. He does this on his own time, often meeting with the students far more often than the required four hours per month. He provides support and connects them to viable resources both at the college and in the community to assist them in moving forward.

As an innovator and an entrepreneur, Aaron has created an idea for a television program (Be the Boss) featuring HCC and community entrepreneurs. That proposal has taken a good deal of effort on Aaron’s part and has been brought forward to the administration for consideration. This is yet another example of Aaron’s tireless efforts on behalf of our students.

Recently, Aaron was selected to serve on the Leadership team for our Entrepreneurship Strategic Planning Task Force. This is a five month commitment of 20-25 hours of volunteer time all in service to making improvements in the programs we have for our students. In considering Aaron for this role we looked at his dedication, marketing experience, creativity and technological savvy.

Diane Thomas
Adjunct Instructor, Basic Skills
Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division

Diane Thomas has worked in the Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development since January, 1979. During that time she has increasingly taken on more and more responsibilities in the Basic Skills Unit and beyond, due to her excellence in teaching and valued skills. She has taught and designed a class for inmates at the Howard County Detention Center to provide them with the skills they need in order to be successfully employed once there are no longer incarcerated and also teaches a basic skills class five mornings a week at the same facility. In addition, Diane designed the curriculum and has taught Grammar for Your Job for many years. It is such a successful class that the credit Office Skills department asked Diane to expand her course to create a 2-credit version. She has successfully taught this course to both noncredit and credit students, managing the goals of each population while teaching only one section. This helps guarantee both populations that a class will be available for them each semester.

Diane also teaches in a distance learning program and works with students one-to-one to assist them in acquiring not only basic skills but also parenting skills. Diane took on the responsibility of being the Management Information System Coordinator several years ago and insures that the requirements for data collection mandated by the Adult Education and Family Literacy Services grant are met each year. Diane continues to do an excellent job in all that she undertakes. Her teaching is excellent as evidenced by her outstanding evaluations and the data has the integrity needed to comply with state requirements.

Iveta Hagelis
Adjunct Instructor, English as a Second Language
English and World Language Division

Iveta Hagelis is an outstanding teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) learners in the English/World Languages division. She is especially appreciated for her strong and consistent dedication to her students and colleagues and for her significant contributions to the ESL program development.

Iveta’s classes are run with precision – she uses challenging but measured steps to help students synthesize and organize information. Her classes are innovative - she brings in relevant material from media and current events and relates them to topics or novels under discussion. She co-developed a method of personalizing practice grammar exercises for individualized reinforcement that has been adopted by several other ESL faculty, and initiated a new, highly successful book club for ESL students that garnered much positive student feedback.

With characteristic patience and clarity, Iveta serves as a mentor to new faculty and new lab instructors, and, last semester, she stepped up in an urgent situation to take on an extra class at a higher level and devoted many extra hours of preparation to ensure she met the students’ needs.

Iveta is a highly respected and essential member of the ESL faculty team and her colleagues are proud to work beside someone who contributes so significantly to the HCC mission of the highest quality instruction.

Virginia Sine
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
Health Sciences Division

Virginia has distinguished herself by being a dedicated clinical adjunct faculty member for many years. Virginia has taught in a variety of medical-surgical clinical courses. She has also taught several classes in NURS-133 throughout the past several years and has consistently demonstrated a high level of attention to the theory content and has updated the lectures with current developments in medicine and evidenced based nursing practice. Virginia is currently coordinating Study Circles for the first year nursing students. The students that attend have reported that Virginia has been most helpful in their understanding of theory concepts. She is also working with graduating RN students, coordinating remediation and NCLEX preparation activities. Virginia is extremely versatile and is an excellent resource for the program.

(Margaret) Jean Lyons
Professor, Philosophy; Director of Women's Studies
Arts and Humanities Division

Jean began teaching with the Mathematics Division in Fall 1998 and was previously selected as our outstanding adjunct in 2001-2002. She continues to be an outstanding contributor not only to the mathematics program but also coordinates activities with the public school systems for the Teacher Education program. In mathematics, Jean has been an integral part of working with the Mathematics for Elementary Education Majors program. She has been actively involved in helping to create problems for exams and editing course materials. She is innovative and brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. Prior to coming to HCC, Jean taught for both Carroll County and Montgomery County Public Schools. She was a Peace Corp Volunteer for two years in Sierra Leone and has a Master’s Degree in Educational Development from Ohio State University.

In addition, Jean teaches in the developmental mathematics program. She is caring and works extensively with students outside of class. Jean has worked collaboratively with continuing education to develop an online version of the course, Preparation for Mathematics Placement Test. This course runs multiple times during the year. A review of the data on participants in the program indicated that the majority of students who completed both a pre- and post- test improved their placement and were successful in their subsequent mathematics course. Jean attends many professional development activities and is always looking for ways to improve student learning. She has completed HCC’s adjunct advancement program and is ranked at the highest level.

Nancey Parker
Master Adjunct Instructor, Biology
Science and Technology

Nancey has served HCC faithfully and professionally for many years – from 1984 to 1988 and then 2004 to the present. She has taught and developed numerous courses, including Anatomy and Physiology, Biology 101, Biology 102, and Biology 103 (Human Heredity). She was also the instructor for several science courses for “Kids on Campus”.

Of all the instructors I have encountered in the past 38 years, Nancey is in the top 2% in terms of an ability and desire to truly “connect” with students. Nancey’s students know she cares about them, and they find themselves becoming more motivated and having greater self- esteem because of her efforts.

Nancey also has a passion for the subject of biology, and spends many hours reading and staying current. Her efforts have helped us improve many of the biology courses – particularly Biology 101 and Human Heredity. She has a great ability to transmit her knowledge and enthusiasm to her students. She enlivens every class with stories about scientists, scientific discoveries, or her own personal encounters.

In the STEC division, Nancey is a strong “team player” – willing to help other faculty at any time.

Nancey Parker is truly a “gem”, and we are fortunate that she is willing to continue her outstanding teaching at HCC.

Dr. Laura Crips
Adjunct Instructor
Social Sciences/Teacher Education Division

Laura teaches Geography and Anthropology courses. She has personally built and invigorated HCC’s Anthropology offerings. Enrollment for each course is now above twenty students per class. She is also developing an Anthropology Club and is completing work on a new ANTH course dealing with the methods and techniques of field archaeology. A great deal of her time this past year has been spent on a partnership with the University of Durham and their excavation of a Roman and Iron Age site in France. This project is underwritten by the French government. This summer she will be taking six students abroad. Next year Laura and HCC will be running the program and will be attracting students and programs throughout the United States. Her teaching evaluations and classroom observations have been excellent. Laura’s energy and passion for her teaching is a credit to professionalism.