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Full-time Faculty (2007-08)

Patrick O'Guinn
Professor, Criminal Justice
Social Sciences/Teacher Education Division

The Social Sciences/Teacher Education Division selected Professor Patrick O’Guinn for its faculty person of the year. Not only did Patrick get promoted to full Professor, he also worked with Vini Nithianandam on the development of our new Computer Forensics Program. He and Vini have attended a number of workshops and conferences to learn about this specialized field. Patrick is actively working with the Howard County Police Department on the establishment of a Police Science AAS degree with the Howard County Police Academy. He has worked on the development of a whole series of new courses and will be coordinating the implementation and certification of this unique program. Finally, Patrick wrote and assembled a text on the Maryland Criminal Justice System.

Rebecca Bafford
Assistant Professor, Art; Coordinator, Ceramics; Director, Art Galleries
Arts and Humanities Division

While Rebecca is only a second-year faculty member, she has taken on the responsibilities of Coordinator of Ceramics and Director of the Art Galleries. She also teaches Ceramics and Art Gallery Practicum classes. Becky has organized the new ceramic facility and the new 3-D studio in the Horowitz Center, acquiring the materials, supplies, and tools for both. She has hired and supervises two adjunct faculty who help keep the facilities clean and organized and maintain the kiln firing schedule. Becky has also introduced Wheel Throwing I and II and will be adding new Ceramics sections in the fall schedule.

But it is for her work in the Rouse Company Foundation Gallery that she has been chosen for this honor. Starting with Russian Realism, the Horowitz collection exhibit, Becky began producing high-quality mailers, brochures, signage, and press packets that are taking the quality of art gallery promotion to a professional level. The Kathe Kollwitz exhibit and the Albert Sangiamo Retrospective were two other exhibits that included a brochure, guest speakers, and excellent press coverage. The Baltimore Examiner chose the Sangiamo exhibit as one of the top ten for 2007.

The Rodin: In His Own Words exhibit is her biggest exhibit so far. She worked with Visual Arts Director, Jim Adkins and others in the Arts and Humanities Division on this very complex project but she designed the pedestals and vitrines to display the sculptures, the layout of the three galleries, the signage, the educational packets for teachers and docents, the press materials, and was in constant contact with the Cantor Foundation to make sure that the college was fulfilling their very specific and detailed requirements. The presentation and the display of the Rodin bronzes and educational materials was very professional and won much praise from the community. In addition, related projects like docent tours, film screenings, music and dance performances, and a guest lecture were all organized by Becky.

She works on a regular basis with the development office, Public Relations, community organizations, and others to promote the gallery and related activities in the Horowitz Center. In just two years she has become a unique and valuable asset to Howard Community College

Betty Noble
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurial and Coaching Studies
Business and Computer Systems Division

This faculty member exceeded expectations both in teaching within the classroom and with the community infrastructure development necessary to support the entrepreneurial and coaching curriculum. Betty has been extremely active within the college community and the local community in establishing this program in a variety of ways.

  • Through Leadership Howard County she chaired the development of the “new” Leadership Essentials Coaching Committee. They have now trained 23 coaches (including people like Calvin Ball) and will be finishing their training next month with 23 participants. This program has highlighted our program in both the Entrepreneurial area and in the Coaching program significantly.
  • Betty has volunteered with the “Youth Leadership U” program and has worked with the high school student program. This effort has helped to market our program to both the parents and the students in the area.
  • She has been accepted and presented to presentations at the National NACCE Conference. Her presentations were on coaching and Entrepreneurial performance.
  • She has doubled the amount of students in the “Just In Time” courses from 10 to 22 from this summer. This also requires Betty to find and train volunteer Business Coaches to work with each of the participants.
  • She has received her Master’s Certification through New Venture’s West to teach the first level course in their International Certification Program.
  • She has worked closely with the Silas Craft Program to redesign their first year ENTR-101 course. This has led five of the students to begin activities in the Center and also has led to greater participation and retention in the program.
  • Betty is serving as the liaison with the Howard County Library for the Division. We have already completed one workshop and have six more lined up for this semester due to her efforts.
  • Betty was an active member of the CQIN Team and brought many of these concepts back to the Division for implementation.
  • She chaired the search for the Director of Certification and served on the search committee for the Business Faculty hire.
  • Betty provides additional support outside of her MAPS to the EXCEL Program by providing a workshop. She also provides a variety of workshops around the college for various areas that request such support.
  • She has been active in assisting to secure a unique agreement with the Univ. of Baltimore for the transfer of credits for students who start businesses in Incubation Center. This allows them to have credits already started in their junior year and can transfer their business to the U of B center to continue its development.
  • She has been active in securing an agreement with Babson College regarding opening a transfer path for a student from HCC.
  • Betty has worked with David Karn on the development of a system of group assessment of adjunct faculty. This pilot was held in the fall and will become a part of the Division’s hiring practices.
  • She has graduated two businesses from the center that currently are operating in the black. This is a major accomplishment when compared to other college center within the timeframe of our current operation.

Sandy Mallare
Assistant Professor, English
English and World Language Division

Appreciated for her quiet, unassuming manner, Sandy consistently approaches her teaching and college work with expertise, diligence, and a warm sense of humor that puts everyone at ease. Sandy was selected this particular year for a very specific reason – she developed projects and took on initiatives that truly “stretched” her as a professional and perhaps as a person. Leaving her “comfort zone”, discovering new ways of providing the best instruction possible, and working collaboratively and congenially with students and colleagues are all elements that define Sandy’s year. For example, Sandy took on the challenging task of redesigning the current ENGL 106 course (Successful Learning Strategies) into an enhanced FYE-based course, FYEX 100. Reflecting her significant experience in this area, Sandy is creating teaching modules and materials to support the FYEX 100 faculty for the fall; she has already begun working with adjuncts to prepare for the changes. She guided this course through C & I approval and inclusion into next year’s catalogue.

Sandy further “stretched” by volunteering to pilot a project with HCPSS to administer the Accuplacer reading test to assess the correlation of math and reading scores among high school juniors and seniors. She found herself in the position of being the liaison between HCC and the county school administrators and she handled this new role in a professional, competent manner. It is to her credit that this pilot project will now be expanded to include an assessment of writing skills as well.

Finally Sandy has stepped up to take on a major leadership role by offering to direct the developmental reading program beginning next fall. She has been routinely meeting with Sue Frankel, the current director, to learn as much as possible so that the transition is a smooth one. Without a doubt Sandy will be well positioned to effectively lead this program within the next few months.

Clearly Sandy has had a stellar year in so many ways and certainly her colleagues have all recognized her extraordinary efforts and have been collectively impressed with one of or Division’s “unsung heroes.”

Jennifer Stanford
Associate Professor, Nursing
Health Sciences Division

Student success has been a major focus for Jennifer Stanford; she has shown particular interest in students from diverse ethnic backgrounds and those who have English as a second language. With the current US Hispanic/Latino population at about 13% and the fastest growing minority group, Jennifer has demonstrated outstanding effort and forward thinking in developing her cultural awareness and bilingual skills to meet the needs of our growing population of Hispanic/Latino students. Jennifer has completed several intense Spanish language classes and lived in a Spanish-speaking household during winter 2007 minimester and again in the fall of 2007. She has demonstrated a willingness to embrace several challenges as she taught a high school Biology class while in Mexico (without prior prep time).

There are several proprietary practical nursing programs in Washington D.C. These schools send a significant number of their graduates to HCC to transition from PNs to RNs. The graduates tend to be ESL and immigrants from the west coast of Africa. Those who qualify for the second year of the associated degree program at HCC have varying degrees of success. Jennifer met with several of the Washington D.C. schools’ directors, reviewed the curriculums and is exploring strategies to assist these students upon admission to HCC.

Jennifer has served as the course leader for the large introductory nursing course. Although she was on sabbatical in the fall, Jennifer spent several weeks on-campus assisting a new faculty member as she transitioned into the role. Her presence and efforts were invaluable. Jennifer is a Step-Up Coach, participates in Freshman Focus, and serves on the nursing curriculum and scholarship committees. In addition, this year Jennifer completed a long-term Outcomes Assessment Project “Student Success in Nursing Courses”.

Andrew Bulleri
Professor, Mathematics
Mathematics Division

Andy Bulleri joined HCC in 1971 as an Electronics and Mathematics instructor. Over the years, he has been extensively involved in the development of the college. He continues to serve the college and the Mathematics Division in many ways. Andy has mentored many of the mathematics faculty during their first years at HCC and continues to be an important contributor to the development and maintenance of the culture of the division. He coordinates the Calculus I & II program, provides training for adjunct faculty on the computer algebra system called Derive, and handles all aspects of the Texas Instruments calculators, view projectors and their use in the classrooms. He has been gently encouraging the use of the new SmartView software which emulates the TI84 calculator and will attend a workshop on the new Nspire software and hardware to become familiar with it as students start to bring it to their classes. Andy’s feedback on curriculum issues is frequently requested and greatly appreciated by his colleagues. This year he is working with the coordinator of the College Algebra course to improve the success rates in the course. He is very technology oriented and encourages others to use technology in their lessons. He searches the web for new sites which can be used as part of the classes he teaches and shares this information with others. He uses many motivational concepts in his classes, including new applications, new technology, and new and unusual ways of involving and challenging students to become independent thinkers. Former students, who now teach, use many of the motivational ideas in their classrooms. Students appreciate the extensive hours that he is available to assist them. He advises students during the open registration period and during Freshman Focus, and gave a presentation on mathematics careers during Student Orientation in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Andy created and has been involved with the HCPSS High School Mathematics Competition since 1972 which shows the approximately 250 students who compete that HCC may be an excellent choice to complete their first two college years. Currently he reviews the questions and answers and reads the questions for the competitions and serves as a judge when a question or answer is challenged.

Andy is very active in professional organizations. In addition to being a member of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM), the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC), the Maryland Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (MMATYC) and the Association of Faculties for the Advancement of Community College Teaching (AFACCT) he is or has been very active in the organizations. He has given presentations nationally, regionally and locally. His most recent presentation was at the AFACCT meeting in January 2008. He has held offices (including the president) in some of the organizations and has been the chairperson of parts of or entire conferences. At the MCTM meeting in October 2007, he was in charge of the NCTM educational sales and membership area helping teachers chose the correct material for use in their classrooms. MCTM awarded him the Outstanding College Professor both in 1997 and 2002. He recently reviewed the AMATYC publication called “Beyond Crossroads” which gives ideas for implementing mathematical standards at two year colleges.

It is a pleasure to select Andy as the Mathematics Division’s Outstanding Faculty member. He serves as a model for life-long learning, active participation and service.

Dave Hinton
Associate Professor, Computer-Aided Design
Science and Technology Division

Dave Hinton has assisted in the development of the Architectural and Construction Management Program. He serves as a member of the Architecture/Engineering Design Development and The First Year Experience Committees. As the college continues to grow, he uses the drawing file, supplied to him from plant operations to create 3-Dimensional models. These renderings have been used for college presentations. Dave has introduced faculty members to character animation software called Poser and Mimic. He continues to develop and maintain the Divisional Web Page.

Dave has demonstrated mastery in other areas. He started teaching “Introduction to Gaming” in the Arts and Humanities division and enrolled high school students in the class. Dave developed an “Animation” course for “Kids on Campus” during the summer. Dave also works with Betty Noble and Sharon Schmickley to coach three students in an Entrepreneurship course. One student who was coached by Dave was able to start his own company. This student received a contract from a government program for disabled veterans under Dave’s guidance.

Dave also serves on the Faculty Forum Executive Committee and a number of search committees. From 2004 to 2007, he was nominated to “Who’s Who among American Teachers”. He closely works with the Howard County Technology School to articulate CADD courses. Students appreciate the fact that he is flexible and approachable. Dave is reliable and talented.