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Adjunct Faculty (2006-07)

Hsien-Ann Meng
Adjunct Instructor, Music
Arts and Humanities Division

Dr. Hsien-Ann Meng as been an important part of HCC’s Arts & Humanities Division and Music Department for several years, having taught most of the academic music classes as needed as well as private piano lessons. She has a special interest in expanding and enhancing traditional teaching methods through the use of the computer and the internet, and has created innovative exercises for beginning music students with even more in the works. She is always willing to lend her assistance to make our music program run more smoothly and participates in performances both as an accompanist and as half of the Octtava Piano Duo (with colleague Wei-Der Huang). At the college’s request, Hsien-Ann undertook a major project last year - to organize and publicize our HCC Faculty Recital Series. She became adept at designing posters and writing copy for press releases as well as making sure that the information was sent out in a timely manner. Out of that project came a handbook for performers that has been invaluable to our faculty and the staff who assist with the programs. She also learned webpage maintenance so that she can keep the concert information webpage up to date and has helped to develop the music website so that it is more useful to our students, faculty and the general public. It is a pleasure to work with someone whose cheerfulness and positive attitude never falters. Congratulations to Hsien-Ann, our Arts & Humanities Division’s Outstanding Adjunct Faculty for 2006-2007.

Wayne Ivester
Adjunct Instructor, Computer Science
Business and Computer Systems Division

Wayne has been an adjunct faculty member in the Computer Science area for the past three years. He developed the 2nd semester Computer Science course (CMSY-171/281) and included useful projects developed which include many examples to help students learn the material. He has developed a “paper-less” grading scheme and thoroughly grades all of his students’ work. He holds regular office hours in one of the classrooms on an “off day” so that students can come in and get help with their projects. Wayne has agreed to do advising for us this year and attended the training taught by the Admissions and Advising office. He stepped in to teach the first semester course (CMSY-141/181), both in the fall and the spring this year when we desperately needed a daytime instructor. He provided a great deal of help last August in testing the new C++ compiler and was instrumental in determining how we could accomplish what we wanted to teach with the new software. Wayne participated in the Outcomes Assessment project for Computer Science, grading two semesters of projects and providing feedback to the fulltime project leader as the project was in the development phase. He has been a reliable, dedicated, student-oriented adjunct in a difficult field. The Business and Computer Systems Division is extremely proud to have Wayne on our faculty.

Rosemary Wittstadt
Adjunct Instructor, Nursing
Continuing Education Division

Dr. Rosemary (Kim) Wittstadt has been an adjunct faculty member at Howard Community College since 1981. A registered nurse with a doctorate degree in education, she was instrumental in developing the refresher nursing course at Howard Community College and has continuously updated the curriculum to meet the requirements of the Maryland Board of Nursing. She remains the primary instructor of the program. Kim assists the re-entry into nursing practice nurses to meet their individual and professional learning goals plus certification and licensure requirements for employment. In addition, Kim has taught continuing nursing education courses that have been well received by the community. She has served as a mentor for other adjunct faculty at the college. She continuously receives outstanding evaluations from her students. Kim models the highest level of professionalism and knowledge in her interactions with students and colleagues.

Carleen Grossman
Adjunct Instructor, Literature
English/World Languages Division

Howard Community College has been extremely fortunate to have Carleen Grossman, an outstanding teacher and scholar, in our classrooms since 1977. Carleen has been especially in demand recently for her expertise in Children's Literature. She was the keynote speaker at a Children's Literature conference sponsored by the University of Wyoming and other Wyoming colleges, and she gave two presentations: one on the student publishing project she designed for her ENGL-200 class in which each student publishes a hardbound, children's picture book through a nationally known publisher, and on the public libraries' Great Books Consortium on which she's served. Also, Carleen was invited by the Amelia Earhart Museum in Atchison, Kansas to be the featured author at their Amelia Earhart Festival for her two historical fiction children's books that she has written about Earhart's childhood. Carleen regularly shares her innovative teaching ideas at the Two-Year College Association conferences (most recently in October 2006 on "Project-Based Service Learning"). She also works to inspire faculty and emerging writers with initiatives such as "The Musing Writers' Guild" at the Miller branch public library and "Faculty Musings," a series of illustrated, inspirational teaching quotes posted on HCC's campus. The English/World Languages division faculty are very proud to work with and are inspired by Carleen Grossman.

Anne Anderson-Sawyer
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Health Education
Health Sciences Division

Anne Anderson-Sawyer joined HCC in 2000. At that time she developed a Women’s Health course and coordinated a Horizon Foundation grant that funded a comprehensive on-campus health fair and the “Making Connections: Your Guide to Community Health Resources” publication for students. Later Anne began teaching Human Sexuality along with Women’s Health. Anne lends her expertise to courses taught within the humanities, health and social sciences. Anne is an exceedingly dedicated teacher, and receives exemplary teaching evaluations each semester. Anne is particularly effective when it comes to reaching students, who note that above all, she is "approachable and makes sensitive topics applicable to real life." Anne’s academic and professional background as a community health educator has made her a perfect fit for both the educational and health needs of our student community.

Michele Cormier
Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics
Mathematics Division

Michele Cormier began teaching in the Mathematics Division in Spring 2004. In the short time that she has been here, Michele has demonstrated her dedication to helping developmental students become self sufficient, resourceful learners who are able to think critically. She constantly monitors her students’ progress and insists on proficiency and good work habits. She teaches them the value of completing all of their assignments and going the extra mile to further their skills. Having a learning disability herself, she has been able to “talk the talk” when it comes to dealing with her students. Her no nonsense, tough love approach with her students has been extremely successful. By the end of the course, students are very thankful that they had Michele as an instructor and that she kept the proverbial bar very high for them. She has helped many of our students meet with success in mathematics and she has helped them feel good about themselves. Michele employs a variety of teaching and learning strategies in her classroom. The supplemental materials that she developed for MATH-061 at the Laurel College Center (LCC) are being integrated into other sections of the course. While at LCC, Michelle has facilitated communication among the developmental instructors, taken responsibility for maintaining the course files, advised students about their math placement and worked closely with the IT staff, tackling the technology problems that have occurred. To maintain student interest in Mathematics while they have classes at LCC she created a Laurel Math Club which is focused on uses of mathematics in careers. Michele was a presenter at the 2006 Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference and a co-presenter at an HCC professional development workshop which dealt with solving application problems. She encourages students to use WebCT and has helped at least one faculty member create WebCT sites for classes when the HCC web pages were redesigned. Michele is a gifted instructor who generously shares her talents with faculty and students.

Mike Crane
Adjunct Instructor, Cisco
Science and Technology Division

Mike Crane has been teaching Cisco courses at HCC for four years. Specifically, during these four years, Mike has developed and taught the first and only Cisco Voice over IP course in Maryland Community Colleges, incorporating skills that are in high demand throughout business. He has also greatly enhanced the existing Fundamentals of Network Security course by helping students connect remotely to HCC lab equipment from home. He has frequently assisted in recruiting students and promoting our Cisco programs by attending after-hours information sessions and developing contacts throughout the industry. When the HCC Continuing Education division got a contract from a private company to teach highly accelerated CCNA classes for one week to its employees, Mike graciously took a week off from his own work to develop and teach this class. Mike is one of the few individuals in the world to hold four CCIE tickets, the highest Cisco certification.

Pam Dello-Russo
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Education and Psychology
Social Sciences/Teacher Education Division

Pam is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Teacher Education department. Pam has taught both day and evening classes in the Education and Psychology departments since 1992 -15 years! She developed and still teaches Educational Psychology (EDUC-260) and has also taught Child Growth and Development (EDUC-111) and General Psychology (PSYC-101). Pam is an outstanding instructor who makes the content “come alive” for the students. She varies her presentation style using lectures, small group discussion, and real life situations to ensure content learning. She is a warm, witty, engaging person who takes an interest in each student she teaches. She truly wants each student to be successful and to do well in her courses. Pam served for ten years as Grants Administrator for the Maryland State Department of Education, and is currently Grants Administrator for University of Maryland University College. Through her 15 years of teaching at HCC and her commitment to outstanding teaching and learning, Pam has demonstrated what it means to be an outstanding adjunct faculty member at Howard Community College.

Pam served for ten years as Grants Administrator for the Maryland State Department of Education, and is currently Grants Administrator for University of Maryland University College.