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Full-time Faculty (2005-06)

Sharon Lyon
Associate Professor, Physical Science
Science and Technology Division

The Science and Technology Division’s outstanding full-time faculty member is Sharon Lyon. Sharon began the school year by briefing us on her participation in a summer dinosaur excavation in the badlands of North Dakota, where she evaluated the program for future inclusion of HCC students. She is using her experience from the trip in the development of a new geology course, Historical Geology. She has become an “excellent expert” on dinosaur digs on our Kids Connection website. Sharon is dedicated to using the inquiry based method in teaching science, and has written a lab manual in Earth & Space Science, and is restructuring the Physical Geology labs to incorporate more inquiry. Her use of games, puzzles, skits, and cooperative learning exercises in her classes is popular with students. This year she presented “Cooperative Learning and Cloud Types” in an Innovative Teachers workshop for new faculty. Sharon led a family activity “Scale Model of the Solar System with Toilet Paper” at Mars Skywatch ‘05 at the Belmont Conference Center, which was attended by 400 people. This year she attended the Virginia Geological Field Conference: “Geology of the Cliffs of Westmoreland County, Virginia” and collected Miocene fossils for classroom use. Her dedication to her online teaching is reflected in her development of voice-over powerpoints, and supplementary websites for all of her courses. Sharon is extremely competent and is an integral member of the Science and Technology division.

Dave Beaudoin
Instructor, Mass Media
Arts and Humanities Division Outstanding Faculty

Dave has made a significant contribution to the Arts and Humanities Division in his first three years at HCC. He designed and launched the Mass Media Student website. Students deploy their web and multimedia projects on the server. In the process they gain practical experience in web deployment in the areas of video compression, graphic compression, file transmission, and application performance. The site continues to grow; ­the video production instructors also use it for student postings, and as a file distribution mechanism for stock video and audio. Dave worked with his students who created for Student Activities a New Student Orientation CD and website. He served as art director and project manager for the redesign and assisted with the launch of the site. Also designed by Dave is an online video equipment reservation. Students previously used a phone-based system to reserve equipment – they’d leave messages in a voice mail box which a faculty member then checks. Under this system, students do not know if the equipment they're reserving is actually available on the date they want to check it out. The online, database-driven system keeps track of all equipment check-out and check-in dates, and reports a real-time list of available equipment for the check-out date students request, thereby enabling them to better plan their shooting schedules. The system also keeps an inventory of all our equipment and its functioning status. Dave is also serving on the college’s website and web standards committee. In December, 2005, Dave completed his MFA in Integrated Design from University of Baltimore. He also manages the Mass Media labs and set up the Graphic lab in the ILB Building. Dave does an excellent job in the classroom, always putting students first!

Rose Volynskiy
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Business and Computer Division Outstanding Faculty

Rose is an outstanding teacher and colleague who receives excellent evaluations on her IDEA surveys. Her work load exceeds what is prescribed in her Maps or in any project that is offered to her. She is has had an exceptional year in terms of quality and quantity this year. She not only has served as a mentor for a new faculty member but she also has been a formidable force in the divisional format change. Her methodology is always behind the scenes, but it always produces high quality. The divisional impact that she has had this semester has touched format, tone and goals. She has worked individually with faculty and has worked directly with the division chair. These efforts are tangible in the advising format revisions, the format of the division meetings and the performance of many of our first year faculty. She is truly and outstanding faculty member and has had a fabulous year.

Linda Wiley
Associate Professor, English
English and World Languages Division Outstanding Faculty

A co-founder and now Director of the First-Year Experience Program at HCC, Linda is an innovative and experienced leader who continues to take on new challenges and opportunities. She is an extraordinary teacher, with consistently outstanding student evaluations and testimonials that speak to how much she is respected and enjoyed in the classroom. Her classes always fill first, and then students clamor to get in -- and she welcomes them. An ardent advocate for developmental education student success, Linda continues to mentor and inspire new full-time and adjunct teachers to do their best for our most challenging student populations and serves not only as a StepUP coach but as a program volunteer. Always looking for new ways to improve student learning, she recently has been setting up successful partnerships between ESL composition students and her own composition classes to foster global understanding and broaden the learning experience for native and non-native speakers: students meet and partner with each other to discuss, reflect, research, and write analytical essays about their cultural differences. Linda's campus-wide efforts in faculty development and student-services partnerships have been a significant part of keeping first-year student success on everyone's priority list. Linda is also a founding member of the Faculty Learning Community, which inspires and motivates faculty to come together to study, discuss, and share new ideas across disciplines. Her division colleagues say, "Linda is a gentle, creative teacher, who passionately seeks to improve learning....She is one of those teachers who are here to really assist our students to succeed in life....Absolutely invaluable....Her humor and energy make working at this college and in this particular division that much more fun. She is our division cheerleader – she volunteers for everything even though her plate is full, and coordinates division events to provide opportunities for fun and support." The English/World Languages division is proud to work with the outstanding Linda Wiley!

Jeanette Jeffrey
Assistant Professor, Health/Life Fitness
Health Sciences Division Outstanding Faculty

The Health Sciences Division’s outstanding full-time faculty member is Jeanette Jeffrey. Jeanette is very active within the college community, serving on the Advisory Committee of HCC FYE Faculty Learning Community, the Advisory Board for the HCC Center for Service Learning, the HCC International Curriculum Advisory Committee, and as divisional rep on the Food Service Committee. Along with the members of the First Year Experience - Faculty Learning Community Jeanette presented the Professional Development Workshop “Starting off on the right foot”.

Jeanette is also collaborating with Carol Parreco, Director of Service Learning, in the development and implementation of an Alternative Spring Break 2006 trip to the Gulf Coast region to provide Hurricane Katrina relief. She collaborated with Robin Bauer on a grant to travel to the Dominican Republic during winter break with Somos Amigos, a medical mission NGO, to assess the health needs of the members of the mountainous community, El Narinjito. They will continue this collaboration with students on an interdisciplinary project developing health education materials that will be sent back to the D.R. to educate the community members on topics such as: STD protection, hygiene, and nutrition. In addition, Jeanette is collaborating with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to present and implement a new course in the Cross-Cultural and International Health option. The following is an example of what her colleagues have to say about Jeanette “I have had a chance to observe her over the past year with the FYE group. She is passionate, level headed and inspirational with the manner in which she handles her students and student issues. She is humble and hard working as well.”

Betty Anderson
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Mathematics Division Outstanding Faculty

Betty Anderson exemplifies the servant leader in her role as course coordinator for Statistics. She encourages the collaborative review of the curriculum and provides substantial support for the adjunct faculty. She has worked with both adjunct faculty and fulltime faculty on integrating ActivStats software into the program. Within the division, Betty actively participates in textbook review committees and course discussion groups. During January she helped administer and advise high school students in the Career & Technology Program who had taken the mathematics placement test. She and John Esenwa co-chair MATH Awareness Week. They also presented the ModuMath program at the Innovations Fair. Betty is a very innovative instructor. Last summer she participated in a week-long workshop on FLASH. Betty continued her study of FLASH this fall through the professional development workshops. She is designing interactive learning activities on scientific notation for Math 067.

Michael Heffren
Associate Professor, Social Sciences
Social Sciences/Teacher Education Division Outstanding Faculty

Michael Heffren has a doctorate in Sociology from Rutgers University and taught adjunct at HCC for four years before becoming a full time faculty member in Sociology and Political Science. Currently, Mike is an Associate Professor who is serving his first tem as Faculty Forum President. Prior to this year, Heffren was Vice President of the Forum and served three years as the Social Sciences Executive Committee representative. He has been on the Library Committee, the Writing Intensive planning committee, the Re-Admit Committee and was the Sociology coordinator for a semester while his colleague was on Sabbatical. Instructionally, Mike has developed portfolios for his SOCI and POLI courses. He also set up upper level courses in Comparative Government and Urban Sociology. He has had WebCT training and team-taught Women’s Studies courses with Helen Mitchell. For the last three years he has assessed SOCI 101 IDEA Survey data and is part of the Program Assessment Project on Critical Thinking.