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All faculty members at Howard Community College are expected to exhibit effective oral and written communication skills, maintain supportive professional relationships with students and colleagues, display patience and sound judgment based on facts, and display initiative and resourcefulness.

Adjunct Faculty Position Description

The Howard Community College Procedure for Adjunct Faculty job description states the following:

An adjunct faculty is a contract employee hired to teach specific course(s) during an academic term on a part-time basis. As an instructor, the adjunct faculty member's primary duty is to convey the course material so that students can attain the instructional objectives of the course.

The adjunct faculty member's minimum obligation to the college is to fulfill the requirements specified on the contract issued each semester and comply with the college's procedures and regulations set forth in HCC Policy 10.01.02.

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Limits

Adjunct faculty who teach in the credit division only can teach nine credits or three courses with discrete course preparations per semester with no more than 22 credit hours per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Some examples include:

  • Two 4-credit courses (eight credits)
  • Three 3-credit courses (nine credits)
  • Four 2-credit courses (eight credits with less than three discrete preparations)

If an adjunct faculty is teaching for both the credit and noncredit divisions, the teaching limit is based on hours per week (not simply credits) with the limit being 25 hours/week. A chart showing the workload limits for those who function as both credit adjunct faculty and hourly/temporary employees is available on the human resources web page.

Adjunct faculty who teach both credit and noncredit, as well as adjunct faculty who teach credit only, will be expected to follow this policy and division chairs will monitor compliance.

Transcripts and Credentials

All adjunct faculty must have college transcripts (official or unofficial) on file in the Human Resources office within thirty days after employment in order to be considered for employment in subsequent semesters.

Salary Agreement

While the college values the dedication and commitment of adjunct faculty, the employment terms between the college and the adjunct faculty member are for a single semester only and do not imply automatic renewal for future semesters. An adjunct faculty salary agreement will be issued to all instructors who are not teaching full-time during a given semester.

The salary agreement will be extended only when the college is certain a particular course will have sufficient enrollment for it to be taught and after teaching assignments of full-time faculty are made. Occasionally, a course originally intended for an adjunct faculty member will be reassigned to meet load requirements of a full-time faculty member whose course has been canceled due to insufficient enrollment. The decision to cancel is usually made within 24 hours of the closing of general registration. At that time, adjunct faculty affected by cancellations will be notified by telephone by the division office.

The Adjunct Faculty Salary Agreement and an Adjunct ID card will be placed in an assigned mailbox for each instructor on the first day of class. A hiring packet which includes an I-9 Form, State and Federal Withholding forms and a new Maryland hire registry form must be completed and turned into the division office before the first class. No payment can be made to the adjunct faculty until everything is completed.

Adjunct Faculty Compensation

Howard Community College utilizes a multi-tiered pay scale. This compensation program is intended to reward our valued adjunct instructors who provide high quality instruction to HCC’s students and a continued dedication to professional growth and development. There are currently three adjunct instructor levels:

Adjunct Instructor                 $682 per credit
Senior Adjunct Instructor      $732 per credit
Master Adjunct Instructor     $782 per credit

When hired, new instructors are appointed at the Adjunct Instructor level.

Pay Procedures

All employees are paid semi-monthly, on the 15th and the last day of each month. Should one of these days fall on a weekend, the college will pay on the Friday before the pay date. When the college is closed for scheduled holidays or breaks, pay days will be announced. The semi-monthly payment amount is calculated by dividing the total salary agreement amount by the number of semi-monthly pay dates in the contract period.

The college offers Direct Deposit to checking, savings, and money market or investment accounts. Direct Deposit is the preferred method of payment. Use this form to set up Direct Deposit. The college does not release paychecks to employees prior to payday nor does the college grant pay advances.

Payroll checks are bundled and distributed to departments. Direct Deposit advices can be viewed online. Employees can request a paper copy be sent to their departments with the checks, if they cannot access the advices. Employees are encouraged to pick up their checks from the department where they work. Upon request, employees can pick up checks on payday, in the payroll office, starting at 7:30 a.m. Proper identification is required. Employees can authorize in writing the release of a paycheck or pay notification to another employee. Checks are mailed to the home address for those staff members not on campus; all others are held for pick up. All checks not picked up are mailed.