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Required Training for All New Adjunct Faculty

All new adjunct faculty are required to complete faculty development trainings prior to their first day of teaching. All of the trainings are available online for your convenience. Your email account will not be created until you complete the required trainings.

At the end of each training you will be prompted to fill out a Training Confirmation form with your name and college supervisor. Your college supervisor is the division chair for your academic division.

After completing the training modules you must register for the trainings in myHCC (see below for instructions on how to register in myHCC).

Click here to access all required trainings.

Required Annual Refresher Training

Click here to access required annual refresher training.

Colleague (College) ID Number

All employees are issued a Colleague ID number. You may refer to your letter of intent or your Division Office to obtain your Colleague ID.


myHCC is a web-based interface to Howard Community College’s administrative database. myHCC is designed to provide credit students and faculty with secure access to useful real-time information and services.

myHCC allows faculty to access the following features: Class Roster, Course Availability, and My Class Schedule. myHCC is also used to register for faculty development trainings. Click here for instructions on how to register for faculty professional development trainings via myHCC.

Click here to access myHCC

Identification Cards

ID cards will be issued to adjunct faculty at the beginning of the semester. These cards are good only for a single semester and are issued for security reasons. Additionally, they will enable an instructor to access his/her classroom, use the library, pool, and PE facilities, and purchase tickets to productions in the Smith Theatre at HCC staff rates. In order to obtain an access card an adjunct faculty member must first fill out an Access Card Request form.

Email Account

An HCC email account is automatically created once you complete the Access and Responsibility training (see required training). Maintaining your HCC email account is a mandatory part of your job responsibilities, as the division chair, course coordinator, office staff, and students will communicate frequently with you via your HCC email account. HCC is unable to substitute personal email addresses for your Howard Community College address due to the large number of adjunct faculty and the nature of our distribution lists.

Voicemail Accounts

Voicemail is expected to serve as a major communication vehicle between adjunct faculty and students.

If you would like a voicemail number, contact the HCC helpdesk at 443-518-4444 or send an email to with your request. Voicemail numbers take a minimum of two days to be assigned. Faculty will be notified of their voicemail number via college email.

Note: If you had a voicemail number in the previous term, you must request to keep the number.


Adjunct faculty may use the faculty/staff parking lots designated by signs around campus.

Parking tags are required for all staff vehicles. Each instructor is issued one parking tag to hang on the rear view mirror so that it is visible to a campus security officer as you drive on campus. Only one pass is issued per faculty member. Please transfer the hanging tag when driving another vehicle. To obtain a parking tag, fill out the vehicle registration card issued by your division office staff and submit it to the Welcome Center to obtain your tag. Registration cards are also available in the Evening Services Office (ST-149) and the Welcome Center (RCF Lobby).

Due to on-campus construction, parking may be difficult. Avoid the hassle and take the Dragon Wagon, HCC's off-site parking shuttle. Check out the Parking and Shuttle Schedule.