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The Adjunct Advancement program is designed to provide the opportunity for instructors to be recognized for teaching excellence and a sustained commitment to professional growth.

Opportunities to submit advancement petitions occur twice per year—June 15 and December 15 (or the first business day after the date). Adjunct faculty teaching in the summer use Spring rates; adjunct faculty teaching in the winter use Fall rates.

LevelCompensation per Credit HourHCC Teaching ExperienceAdditional Criteria
Adjunct Instructor$710Initial Hiring*Completion of Required Training for New Employees
Senior Adjunct Instructor$760Employment at HCC equivalent to at least 18 credit hours**Positive teaching experience
***Evidence of professional growth
Annual completion of required college training (i.e. "Access & Responsibility" and "Emergency Operations"
Master Adjunct Instructor$810Employment at HCC equivalent to at least 18 credit hours of teaching after advancement to the Senior Adjunct Instructor Level**Positive teaching experience
***Evidence of professional growth

Annual completion of required college training (i.e. "Access & Responsibility" and "Emergency Operations"

*Completion of Required Training for New Employees: All Howard Community College employees have been asked to complete training modules to improve organizational effectiveness and communication, and to enhance campus safety. These are available online for your convenience.

  • College Vision, Mission, Values/Beliefs, and Strategic Initiatives
  • Access and Responsibility Training
  • Sexual Harassment Avoidance
  • HCC’s Emergency Operations Plan Training
  • Safety Regulations: General Safety
  • Voice Mail
  • Outlook Email

Please provide evidence of completion of the training modules and registered workshops by attaching a copy of HCC’s Individual Professional Development Record that can be obtained from HCC Express.

**Positive teaching experience: Positive evaluations by students, peer evaluators, and supervisors (as appropriate).

***Professional Growth: Adjunct faculty must contact the appropriate division chair, program director, or coordinator and provide evidence of professional growth that is consistent with the college’s definition of professional and organizational development and other appropriate educational experiences (certificates, degrees, etc.). Professional development includes, but is not limited to, participation in Faculty Development sessions, inclusion of learning technologies in instruction, changes to teaching methods, inclusion of new materials, changes to assessments of student learning, changes to teaching behaviors based on observation feedback, etc. Evidence of a minimum of 15 hours of professional development activity needs to be presented.

Adjunct instructors pursuing an advanced level are responsible for completing an Adjunct Advancement Form and documenting their professional development activities. This documentation, along with the examples of positive evaluations, should be submitted to your division chair when you wish to advance. Questions about the appropriateness of any activity should be directed to your division chair.

In response to a request for consideration of advanced level, the division chair or his or her designee will meet with the faculty to review the submitted materials and to arrange one or more teaching observations if needed. The purpose of the teaching observation is to verify mastery of the required knowledge and skills for the advanced level if these have not been previously demonstrated. The faculty member may need to or choose to demonstrate these in more than a single observation.

The review will not proceed to the teaching observation phase if the petition or documentation is incomplete. In cases where the teaching observations are inconclusive, the chair may suggest additional training and/or additional observations.

After successful completion of the applicable requirements and acquisition of desired competencies, the division chair will recommend the faculty person for advancement in level.

The division chair may and should decline the petition if there is not compelling evidence that demonstrates teaching excellence and significant training and experience in the required competencies.

The required additional 15 hours of professional development for each advancement may include in-house workshops or faculty development classes, graduate coursework, external professional development, and other professional activity directly related to faculty responsibilities.

  • HCC Faculty Development Courses - At least five hours for each level.
  • External Professional Development with a Pedagogical Focus. May include professional conferences or courses offered by other institutions.
  • Other Professional Activity - No more than five hours for each level. May include conference presentations, performances, creative projects or other activity (curriculum development, outcomes assessment, etc.) related to teaching discipline.

Expected Outcomes
Professional development and demonstrated teaching excellence are the determining factors through which Adjunct Faculty will advance in level. In addition to encouraging faculty to stay current in their discipline areas, the professional development component of the Adjunct Advancement Program asks faculty to participate in learning workshops and activities designed to enhance student learning, to understand the unique needs and learning styles of diverse student groups, and to maximize effective use of college’s human and technical resources. To that end, Howard Community College offers a series of Faculty Development Courses across a range of competencies to help faculty meet the needs of dynamic student populations and to stay abreast of new pedagogical approaches to foster sustained teaching excellence.