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Ethan Myers

Ethan Myers
Destination: Engineer
Path: Phi Theta Kappa

Ethan Myers was not your typical Howard Community College student. As a dually enrolled high school student at Cedar Brook Academy, Ethan began taking college level courses at HCC in his freshman year of high school. He certainly made the most out of his time at HCC, serving as president of both the Phi Theta Kappa chapter at HCC and the Engineering Club during his time here. Ethan even managed to land a competitive summer internship with The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab through HCC's partnership with the company.

Ethan credits his teachers at HCC with helping him achieve success. "The teachers at HCC are pretty exceptional," he says.  "Each teacher was willing to help me beyond class and they were always open to any questions I had." After graduating from high school and HCC in the same year with A.A. degrees in Engineering, Computer Science, and Math, Ethan will attend Stanford University to pursue degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.