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Photo of Peggy Alexander

Peggy Alexander
Destination: New career as a professional life coach
Path: The Center for Entrepreneurial & Business Excellence at HCC

Peggy Alexander has been helping people her entire life, including as a therapist and school psychologist.  But when Peggy turned 60, she began to think about how she could help shape the future.  “I truly believe that today’s younger generation is going to make a significant change in our world.  I wanted to help young men and women who want to become leaders to be as strong and as powerful as they can be,” Peggy says.  So, with the help of HCC’s Center for Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence, Peggy set out to create her own business as a life coach, mentoring young adults and helping them solve their problems.  HCC’s entrepreneurial program helped her set up a website, offered courses in business and marketing know-how, and even provided office space at the Center to jump-start her new career. “HCC has supported me both technically and personally.  I couldn’t have done it without them,” she says.  And Peggy has already started to give back to the college as a volunteer personal coach to students in HCC’s StepUp retention program.