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We invite the entire community, on- and off-campus, to participate in the selection of our 2016-2017 book! Nominations will be accepted through Monday, March 2, 2015. There is no pre-determined theme or agenda for selection. The Book Connection seeks to engage the community in discussions that address a variety of themes and issues over several years. The Book Connection Steering Committee will review and evaluate all suggestions and make a final decision based upon the degree to which the proposed book meets the goals and criteria:


• Connect our community through shared learning experiences that promote productive dialogue, critical thinking, and intellectual enrichment.
• Foster greater understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives and worldviews.
• Engage students in interdisciplinary experiences that express the core values and benefits of general education.

What book should the Book Connection use?• Enhance our community partnerships.


• The style of the book should be accessible and engaging to an interdisciplinary audience of adult readers.
• The form
of the book may be fiction or non-fiction.
• The content of the book should suggest possibilities for lively discussion from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Click here to submit a nomination for the 2016-2017 book selection!  The deadline for nominations is Monday, March 2, 2015. To be considered, books must be nominated within the current nomination cycle.  If your book was not selected in the last cycle, nominate it again for consideration in the next!

Consult these lists for ideas: