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The Howard County Book Connection seeks to connect our community through shared learning experiences that promote productive dialogue, critical thinking, and intellectual enrichment. The entire college and county community will be encouraged to read the book selection and participate in a variety of activities through the academic year.

The book is chosen each year by the Book Connection committee, which has representatives from most areas and divisions in the college as well as Howard County Library System. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to ask one of the following people:

Lisa Bankman (Chair)Howard County Library System

Sara Baum

Continuing Education

Rachel Farrell

Health Sciences

Jennifer Garner

English/World Languages

Margaret Garroway

English/World Languages

Tara Hart

Arts & Humanities/HoCoPoLitSo

Megan Maguigan

Howard County Library

Alesia McManus (Chair)

Howard Community College Library

Helen Mitchell

Arts and Humanities

Candace dePass

Student Life

Catherine LaFerriere


Kelli Shimabukuro

Howard County Library System

Susan Keach SweeneySocial Sciences

Patti Turner


Arla Webb

Auxiliary Services