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Please fill in this information when requesting a notary. It will assist us in extending prompter service.
We will need to see the following:

• State Issued Driver’s License or State Issued ID card (change of address card is needed if the address is different
than License or State Issued ID card).
• Two Proof of Address such as Bank Statement, Electric Bill, Telephone Bill, Rental Agreement.
Student may fill out paperwork but DO NOT SIGN until they are in the presence of the Notary.
Sign in BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY. Do not use pencil to fill out any legal document.
Thank you,

Welcome Center Notary Staff

PLEASE NOTE: Current students are eligible to have their school-related documents notarized free of charge. To
take advantage of this service, students must present a valid photo ID and proof of enrollment at Howard
Community College. Faculty and staff are also eligible for free notary services, provided they also show a valid
photo ID and proof of employment at Howard Community College.