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MCRC offers 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training & Restorative Practices Training on an intermittent basis.  See information below:

40 Hour Basic Mediation Training:

This interactive course is presented in cooperation with HCC’s Mediation & Conflict Resolution Center, and includes theory, process, skills, and ethical considerations essential for every mediator. The course covers topics required to satisfy training requirements for designation by Maryland District and Circuit Courts as a mediator (Rule 17). Training involves small group discussions and exercises, coached role playing, videos, and lecture. Manual provided.  This training provides 4.00 CEUs, but is not a credit course. ** Please note: You must attend every single hour of this training to receive a certificate. **

Registration, Class Dates and Times

This year's training has been completed. For questions about future 40-hour BMT trainings, please contact Kathy Rockefeller at or you may call 443-518-4360.

Restorative Practices Training/Restorative Dialogue and Restorative Reflections:

This two-day training gives an overview of Restorative Justice and how it benefits the participants, the community, and the justice system. This training is geared specifically for our mediator volunteers and community partners who have completed the 40-hour basic mediation training.  Restorative Training is required for those wishing to be assigned to Restorative Reflection and Restorative Dialogue cases at MCRC.  These cases typically involve juveniles and their parents.  Participants will learn the entire process, from assignment of cases, through agreements and reporting.

Pre requisite: 40-hour Basic Mediation Training

Registration, Class Dates and Times:

Monday and Tuesday, June 15th and 16th.

June 15th: 9:00am–5:00pm (please plan to arrive at 8:30am)

June 16th: 9:00am–6:30pm (please plan to arrive at 8:30am)

Registration for this training is now closed. For questions about this or future RD/RR trainings, please contact Stephanie Klein, MCRC Program Coordinator at or you may call 443-518-1888.

Professional Development Sessions: 

There are no professional developments scheduled at this time. This website will be updated in August with the professional development calendar for the following 12 months.

For more information regarding professional development sessions, please contact Anne Hilb, MCRC Case Manger/Training Coordinator at or you may call 443-518-4651.