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The Mediation & Conflict Resolution Center (MCRC) at Howard Community College promotes peaceful resolution of conflict by providing mediation and conflict resolution services, education and training for the Howard County community.


  • MCRC helps people improve their lives by helping them handle conflict in healthy ways.
  • MCRC contributes to our community through early conflict intervention and proactive conflict prevention.
  • MCRC promotes the power of dialogue through open communication amongst ourselves and with all members of our community.
  • MCRC provides high quality, convenient and financially accessible conflict resolution services.
  • MCRC supports lifelong learning about conflict resolution techniques for all residents of Howard County.
  • MCRC embraces the ideals of Restorative Justice---processes that promote the empowerment of all persons affected by a conflict to collectively identify and address harm, needs and obligations in order to make things as right as possible.
  • MCRC strives for organizational flexibility to meet changing conflict resolution needs of Howard County.
  • MCRC models the ideal of respecting diversity by honoring differences and similarities among people and cultures as an important part of our work.


MCRC 443-518-1888

Kathy Rockefeller

Stephanie Klein