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Our History & Structure

The Mediation & Conflict Resolution Center (MCRC) became a department of Howard Community College (HCC) on July 1, 2001, after approximately 10 years as a grassroots organization in Howard County.  HCC's decision to incorporate MCRC was a visionary move for a community college.  Hosting a community mediataion center advances HCC's goals of "strengthening community partnerships."  MCRC strengthens HCC's community partnerships by providing, upon request, excellent mediation and facilitation services, and conflict resolution education, to various county agencies.

MCRC also provides Restorative Dialogue services to Howard County citizens through referrals from the Howard County Police Department, the Howard County State Attorney's Office, and the Department of Juvenile Services.  MCRC provides support and guidance to Howard County schools seeking to infuse Restorative Philosophy into their school community.

MCRC is a representative of the Circle of Restorative Initiatives for Maryland (CRI), as an active and founding member.  CRI is the sponsor of four bi-annual, statewide restorative justice conferences.  For more information about CRI, visit

MCRC is a unit of HCC's Office of Academic Affairs. The MCRC Director is supervised by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Sharon Pierce.  The MCRC Director is part of the Social Science/Education Division in her role as manager of HCC's AA Degree for Conflict Resolution.  MCRC's Director is also advised by an Advisory Board representing the community, HCC, and other appropriate organizations and agencies.

MCRC is currently staffed by one full-time Director, Kathy Rockefeller, and one part-time Program Coordinator, Stephanie Klein.  One hundred fifty trained volunteers provide mediation and restorative dialogue services for the Center.