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MCRC's mission includes the pledge to promote peaceful conflict resolution by providing mediation and conflict resolution, education and training at HCC and within the larger Howard County community.  MCRC has many programs that work to achieve this portion of our mission:

  • Associate of Arts Degree in conflict Resolution (AA): MCRC manages and promotes HCC's two-year degree program in conflict resolution, the nation's only AA degree in Conflict Resolution.  (See AA Degree Information)
  • Community Workshops and Presentations: MCRC receives regular requests to provide workshops on conflict resolution techniques to various groups and agencies within Howard County and on the HCC campus.  All of these workshops and trainings are provided free of charge.  MCRC partners with the Howard county Library's Choose Civility program for conflict-resolution-promoting educational offerings.  In 2008, MCRC developed and began offering a standard "Repetoire of Workshops."  The workshops are led by volunteers and are tailored to meet the needs of various groups.  Visit Community Workshops and Presentations.
  • Community Outreach: MCRC provides education and outreach with regard to mediation services, educates community members and organizations as to its benefits, and offers information on how to utilize MCRC services.
  • Basic Mediation, Restorative Dialogue & Continuing Mediator Development Trainings: MCRC collaborates with HCC's Continuing Education Division to offer annual 40-hour basic mediation courses to the public.  MCRC also offers regular Restorative Dialogue trainings for our volunteers.  We offer monthly professional development  sessions to our volunteers to support theirl growth as mediators.  Visit Mediator Trainings and Professional Development.
  • Restorative Justice Conference: MCRC is a founding member of the Circle of Restorative Initiatives for Maryland (CRI) the sponsor of Maryland's bi-annual state-wide Restorative Justice conference.  For more information, visit
  • Community Referrals: MCRC refers callers to appropriate community resources when mediation is not appropriate.