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Howard Community College offers an AA Degree in Conflict Resolution -- the only one of its kind in the nation!  For program information, contact Kathy Rockefeller, at, CL 145, 443-518-4360.

Degree Curriculum Course Descriptions

CRES-155 Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Science and Art
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and Emerging Issues Core)
This course is designed to introduce students to varying perspectives on conflict and different strategies for resolving conflict.  Conflict will be explored in several different contexts, including intergroup conflict, cross-cultural conflict, and international conflict, with an emphasis on interpersonal conflict.  Most importantly, students will be asked to reflect on their own style of conflict resolution and the pertinence of the material covered to conflict resolution in their own lives.  Course content will include experiential learning and role play.
3 hours weekly
Also listed as HEED-155.
CRES-201 Conflict and Process
3 Credits
Introduces students to the distinction between the content of conflict and the process of conflict management and resolution.  Considers the range of processes available from both theoretical and practical viewpoints.  Emphasizes role play and application of skills in negotiation, mediation, and facilitation. Spring only; Independent Study.
3 hours weekly
Prerequisite:  CRES-155
CRES-203 Restorative Justice
3 Credits
This course will introduce the fundamental practices and principles of restorative justice, which focuses on the repair of harm caused by crime.  We will explore the role of victims, offenders, communities, and justice systems and introduce some of the models used in restorative practices.  The course will pay special attention to multicultural perspectives of justice.
3 hours weekly

For information about the 40-hour Basic Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training and other non-credit courses in conflict resolution, visit our Division of Continuing Education at