Rives and Rachel Eliza Griffiths.  This debut edition of The Writing Life features Rives and Rachel Eliza Griffiths, poets and multi-media artists, talking about the artists that influence them, the concept of ekphrasis, the idea of obsolescence and the influence of technical devices. Rives, a TED Talk veteran who recites his poetry onstage and uses computers to display his multi-media poetry, says he believes in the fleeting nature of his performance poetry. Griffiths, a poet and photographer, says she thinks computers and visual media are going to be integral to poetry in the future, despite the trendiness of technology. “Talent is going to trump any device,” Griffiths declares. Rives agrees, “The difference is craft.” Griffiths reads from her poem “According to Beauty” and Rives recites from “Compliment.” Recorded April 27, 2013.  Also, visit www.hocopolitso.org for information. 

The Writing Life airs Tuesdays at 11am, 4pm and 7pm, and Saturdays at 8pm.

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