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The Reading Lady

Called “timeless” by Jack McNerny, Executive Director of SHO-P.E.G public access in Cobleskill, NY, The Reading Lady series contains lively and colorful props, backdrops, and learning aids, including Ed the Gorilla and his counterpart, Ted the Polar Bear, both lovers of reading; scores of their animal friends; and many other fun and engaging tools. Filmed in a warm, comfortable setting, the series features certified reading teacher Mrs. Houghton as The Reading Lady. She guides children and other interested viewers through illustrated children’s books, reading lessons, storytelling, and fun learning experiences, letting everyone know that reading and learning can actually be fun!

The Reading Lady is designed to promote literacy for ages 3-8. In the future, we hope to target children 9-12. The show is also designed to give parents strategies so they can help their children learn to read and become better readers. Literacy is a lifelong pursuit.  The Reading Lady is airing on at least 92 Public Access television stations in 24 states and is being cablecast into approximately 2.1 million homes.

The Reading Lady may be seen on HCC-TV, channel 96/41 in Howard County Maryland on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00AM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3PM, and Saturdays at 9:00AM.  For more information visit them online at The Reading Lady.