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Massachusetts School of Law - Books of Our Time

Books of Our Time is a public awareness-based programming has developed into an award-winning television series.  Each program is produced and moderated by MSLAW professors, who prepare the outlines. Dean Lawrence R. Velvel, Associate Dean and Professor Michael L. Coyne, Professor Diane Sullivan, and Professor Constance Rudnick have been responsible for hundreds of the programs. Professors, Kurt Olson, Andrej Starkis, Anthony Copani, Peter Malaguti, and Assistant Dean and Professor Joseph Devlin have also been responsible for various programs.

The programs now number over 300 since 1996. On each program leading experts and authors discuss and answer questions about a major topic in their field or important books they have written. The programs allow members of the public, including students at all levels of the educational process, to quickly become familiar with the most important ideas and facts relating to hundreds of different topics.

MSLAW's educational programs have won over 169 awards for fine television programming in the last 5 years.  Through broadcast and cable outlets, MSLAW TV is now available in nearly 20 million homes nationwide, bringing renowned authors, pundits, columnists, and scholars to debate current events and areas of interest to millions of American families.

Books of Our Time may be seen on Howard Community College TV's channel 96 (Comcast) and 41 (Verizon) Tuesday at 5:00PM and Saturday at 2:00PM.  For more information, visit them online at MSL:Books of Our Time