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HCC-TV's 15th Annual Film Festival

Join HCC-TV from June 22nd at 1pm through July 7th for our 15th Annual HCC-TV Film Festival!

Howard Community College TV is a non-profit local educational access channel and in order to watch the HCC-TV festival, you must reside in Howard and Anne Arundel county and be a cable subscriber. Our programming airs on channels 96 (Comcast) and 41 (Verizon).
The HCC-TV Film Festival begins on Monday June 22nd at 1pm!  

For more info, email us.  HCC-TV Festival show times will be made available once we have received all submissions. 
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Check out this year's submissions!
Here's the Playlist!


Wayne Shipley
Day of the Gun (02:20:00)
Set in 1890’s Montana, a conflict between the widowed Maggie Carter and cattle-baron Cyrus McCall escalates into a “range war” when McCall threatens her survival as a rancher by putting up a barbed-wire fence.  The battle intensifies when their children get involved and a mysterious stranger from Maggie’s past comes back into her life.
Written and Directed by Wayne Shipley, edited by Jeff Herberger

The Day The Aces Got Trumped (19:38)
The year is 1895, and the town of Singletree, Montana, is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Almost everyone within twenty miles of the little mining and cattle town sets aside work and heads for town to cut the badger loose. There's plenty to eat and drink, a pharaoh tent, a medicine show, a parade, and a performance by Singletree favorites Sam and Gracie. Highlighting the festivities is a baseball game between a group of locals and a team of barnstorming professionals calling themselves The Excelsior Aces. Now, mind you, no one really thinks that a bunch of inexperienced locals can beat professionals; but before the day is over, winning and losing will have little to do with baseball. For the citizens of Singletree, at least, this will forever be The Day the Aces Got Trumped, a tale of baseball Americana.
Directed by Wayne Shipley, Narrated by Lee Doll, Edited by Jeff Herberger

Jeff Herberger
The Game Comes Home  (01:21:00)
The legendary stories of Washington baseball greats Walter Johnson, Joe Judge, Clark Griffith, The Homestead Grays, Mickey Vernon, Frank Howard and many others are brought to life by stories and recollections from family members, writers, sportscasters and fans in this 2006 feature length documentary.  Directed & Edited by Jeff Herberger, Narrated by Mark Redfield, Written by William Meaux & Phil Wood, with Charlie Brotman, Bill Holdforth, Phil Wood, Dick Heller, Hank Thomas, Mark Gauvreau Judge, Timothy Gay, Brad Snyder, Mickey Vernon, Chuck Hinton, Ron Menchine, John Holway, Gary Garvin and many others.
Directed and Edited by Jeff Herberger


Lee Doll
Ready For Action (01:20:34)
A worn torn veteran seeks revenge against beautiful private eyes.
Written by Alfred Guy and Directed by Lee Doll, Edited by Jeff Herberger, Starring Jennifer Rouse.


Michael Manese
Maxine  (22:00)
A mature, adult themed experimental piece about a man reminiscing about an old flame as he prepares to leave his beloved NYC to live a new life somewhere else. Experimental in every way, with scenes within scenes, voice over dialogues, and a nonlinear narrative, the movie is a statement on how we process memories and past moments. For more info visit: Maxine the Short Film.


Carl Knickerbocker
SP#14 – Atomic Nightmares (02:42)
Atomic bomb remembrance and dread.

SP#15 – Black, White, Gray and Light (03:14)
Study in black, white, grey and light.

Laurence Jackson
Fraud (32:05)
Fraud is a scripted 32 minute drama centered on a young fraud investigator, Ethan Dempsey, who has 3 days to break a high-profile case involving a pharmaceutical company. The case unexpectedly forces him to question the path he has chosen and the life that lies ahead.The story is loosely based on an incident that occurred during the late summer of 2013, where a Bank of America intern died after working for 3 days straight. It is also inspired by the writer's own personal experiences working for a global accounting firm as an IT auditor. Our hope is that the film will encourage viewers to question whether or not they are making choices that align with the life they truly desire.

Jason Stefaniak
Middle Ground (18:39)
Cameron and Eva, high school sweethearts, are back together and living with each other after losing their way in college. But the burden of their past has made love and sexual fulfillment incompatible. Sensing it’s the only way, Eva grants Cameron permission to re-open old wounds in an attempt to heal their splintered relationship.

Brett Melnick
Conveyor Belt (15:25)
After an inspirational encounter at work, a small-town grocery store employee must make a rash decision about his future as he struggles through his monotonous job.


Jacob Benton
Behind the Shades (10:00)
Behind The Shades is a 10 minute narrative film that has a somewhat simple story to it. It is about a 15 year old kid named "Jerry" who wakes up one morning, finding out that there is a voice in his head telling what to do, and soon causes controversy between him and the voice.

Aiden Mead
The Last of the Snacks (10:07)
The Last of the Snacks is an animation that plays on cliché film tropes. 20 years in the future; during the "snack apocalypse", this film follows the story of a man named Toby as he searches for the last soda. Throughout his journey, he finds himself through personal struggle and sacrifice.


Jaizani Wilson
Kelly (06:30)
Kelly is a film about a young actress struggling to accept that she has an eating disorder. Throughout the film, Kelly becomes distant from her family and friends as she denies having a problem. The film culminates in a breakdown where she admits she is suffering from an eating disorder.



The Maryland Student Film Festival at Howard Community College

This year, HCC-TV is joining the Howard County Public Schools, the Columbia Festival of the Arts, and the Film Department at HCC to bring you our first-ever juried MD Student Film Festival!
Participants in the MD Student Film Festival (June 20th in Monteabaro Hall at HCC from 3-7pm) have the option to add their independent film to our programming line-up on HCC-TV and share an audience of over 500,000 cable subscribers in the Baltmore/Washington region on air on channels 96 (Comcast) and 41 (Verizon).  
For more information, email us or visit our Facebook page.





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