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Join HCC-TV from May 9th at 9pm through May 29th at 11:00pm for our 14th Annual Film Festival!

Access to our festival is limited to Howard and Anne Arundel county cable subscribers on Verizon channel 41,
and Comcast channel 96. Festival show times (general) are available on our May schedule, or for specific air times here.

Seema Arora
see showtime here

This short enviro-comedy presents real facts about the staggering decline of bees worldwide and the phenomenon of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) which sparks some to action, but only few come forward.  Visit us on facebook!

Lee Doll
Rise and Fall... of Love
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As Annabelle, lead singer for the band Talegunner and aspiring actress, becomes more and more infatuated with her new boyfriend… jealousy, sleaze and interplanetary chaos ensues. 

Showcase of the Stars
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Fred Mulligan's Showcase of the Stars is where all the brightest stars appear.  Singers, Acrobats, Magicians and other talented entertainers desire to be given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to his worldwide audience.  Once you have been on Fred Mulligan's Showcase of the Stars, you are a showbusiness success! 

Rob Rafferty
Cap South
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Washington, D.C. is the home to some of the most ambitious, young professionals, and also the most ridiculous displays of political flim-flammery.  Cap South is a show about both.

Christopher Llewellyn Reed
see showtime here
Washington, D.C. is the home to some

Wil Graver
Mirror Lake
see showtime here
On a weekend retreat to Mirror Lake, a young couple must come to terms with the repressed feelings straining their relationship. The getaway is meant to recharge their batteries and relieve stress. But secret agendas, hidden resentments, and supernatural forces threaten to combine for catastrophic results.

Thea Golden
Lost in Woonsocket
see showtime here
Lost In Woonsocket is a documentary feature film directed by John Chester. It stars Chester and Andre Miller, co-creators of the A&E Network documentary series Random 1, from which the film draws much of its content.


Samy Burch
All You Can Eat
TV host Randy Stormberg stops in on a Southern burger joint where he eats some local favorites, and considers his life choices.

Pete Nicklas

Brett Melnick
The Interview: A Spongebob Squarepants Inspired Short

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