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Join HCC-TV from May 9th at 9pm through May 30th at 11:30pm for our 14th Annual Film Festival!

Access to our festival is limited to Howard and Anne Arundel county cable subscribers on Verizon channel 41,
and Comcast channel 96. Festival show times (general) are available on our May schedule, or for specific air times here.

Seema Arora
Secret Life of Beez
see showtime here

This short enviro-comedy presents real facts about the staggering decline of bees worldwide and the phenomenon of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) which sparks some to action, but only few come forward.  Visit us on facebook!

Fast Love: Second Chances
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Lynn attends another speed dating event but the evening has some surprises in store.

Carl Randolph
Never Dream, the Beginning
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In a world of chivalry, betrayal and vampires, a knight fights for his love, his honor and his very soul.

Samy Burch & Alex Mechanik
All You Can Eat
see showtime here

TV host Randy Stormberg stops in on a Southern burger joint where he eats some local favorites, and considers his life choices.

Yi Chen
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This observational documentary provides an insight into the impact of gentrification in Chinatown on the daily lives of its residents. Set in the historic Chinatown neighborhood in DC, the film intimately follows three residents over the course of one year. Their stories give voice to the community's attempt to preserve the culture and heritage they value.

Lee Doll
Dangerous Deception
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The Fixer and Yeb-Beb are the intended victims of the Cult of Nyarlathotep.  Evil Cult Leader, Nez has duped a mysterious stranger to join forces to unleash chaos and madness.  Magic, mysticism and a monster combine with fencing, fighting and foul play as our heroes uncover a Dangerous Deception.

Open Mic Night on Trax on Wax
see showtime here
An inside look at open mic night at the local record store.  The MC introduces two young ladies performing with the house band.  A mysterious stranger watches with evil intent.  Featuring Jennifer Rouse, Louanna Lee, and George Stover. 

Steve Girard
see showtime here
is a charm bracelet of distinct stages of a young man's adolescent life; from buying pot for the first time to not being able to urinate in a public bathroom.

Heather Godwin
The Creative Cowboy
see showtime here
A tale of cows and creativity.  A humorous and intimate glimpse into the rarely seen world of the Florida ranching culture. Treasure Hammock Ranch, located in the coastal town of Vero Beach, is a cattle operation the Sexton family has maintained through generations.  Sean Sexton carries on the tradition of caring for these large creatures while pursuing his other passions; painting and poetry.  

Carl Knickerbocker
see showtime here

Carl is a Suburban Primitive artist. All short work is shot with Canon T3i DSLR camera and edited on Final Cut Pro X.   Carl composes and performs the soundtracks on Garageband.  He's a one-man operation.

Elizabeth A. Lyons
Seducing the Mirror
see showtime here
Jing Zi is a seductress for hire - employed by wives to "break up" their marriages so as not to lose face. She is good at her job, completing her tasks with a proud, calculated professionalism. But today, Jing Zi finds herself in a unique predicament - win back the heart of a client she has fallen in love with, or finish the job.

Michael Manese
Bart and Lulu
see showtime here

Bart & Lulu tells the story of two lonely senior citizens using new (the internet, smart phones) and old (personals newspaper) technologies to find their loves. See what happens when one of them, set in his ways, encounters a good match in person!

Scott Sowers
Smackdown For Charity
see showtime here
Meet the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers, a group of women in our nation’s capital, who dress up as over-the-top characters and arm wrestle to raise money for charity.  The atmosphere is pure camp, but the competition is quite real.  

Kris Milgate
see showtimes here
Taos, New Mexico is bordered by a backyard of wildlife and wild land. Both take a beating as outdoor users love the Carson National Forest to death. Some of those users recognize the damage they cause and decide to instigate a movement for resource recovery. Illegal trails close. Sanctuaries open. Habitat bounces back. Wildlife comes back. See a refuge restored in just a few short years. Sanctuary is the best outdoor TV story in the nation in 2012 according to the Outdoor Writers Association of America and it is on tour with the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in 2013.

Restoring Hope 
Watershed restoration. It’s evolving into more than just a water issue across the country. Walkways, wildlife, willows. They are all rearranging from the roads to the river. Jackknife Creek in Southeast Idaho is the poster child for this evolution. It's where everything is considered when everyone works together to restore hope.

Green With Envy 
There is one constant throughout the history of the West. The never-ending war over resources. Their use. Their value. Their limit. That fight is now flooding the Green River along the Utah-Wyoming border. Float 31 miles of the Green. See 15,000 fish per mile. Watch the Green and the Gorge face the possibility of draining into a pipeline bound for Colorado.

Dolores Discovered
Colorado hosts the largest elk herd in the world. The Dolores River Basin has its fair share of those elk, plus trout streams worth a tough trek and miles of aspen stands that are unmatched in the country. See this magical place of ranges and rivers shimmer in any season. Discover why Dolores is a haven worth keeping just as it is. International Wildlife Film Festival Honorable Mention.

Jason Stefaniak
This Is My Body
see showtime here
A short advocacy video in support of women's rights.

The Choi Family
see showtime here 

An intimate look at a Korean-American family's attempt to reconcile with their son's involvement in a tragic school shooting.

Zsolt Varkuti (aka Chili Bianco)
Wolf Empire
see showtime here  

Shot from a wolf's perspective, the narrator talks about their survival. The first scenes portray the predator and his prey, and in the end focuses on the life of the wolf.  We'll also see beautiful weeks-old wolf pups and the colony of the adult wolf-warriors.

The Goodfighter
see showtime here

Few of us are scared by a possible 'End of the World' scenario, and few of us hope for a new beginning of a brighter future.  Despite our expectations, nothing happens.  But this is only a deception.  Special agencies search for the very few people who have the force to defeat the dark side. Who has the power to bring the Change?   Only those who are hungry for change or those who want to keep their selfish power at all costs.   Only… the Goodfighter.

Mark P. Wilner
see showtime here
At his first duty station aboard an aircraft carrier in 1967, a defiant Walter Little joined a crowd of Brothers in the US Hospital Navy Corps, who all idolized and wanted to be like Mohammed Ali.  In this Aesopian story, Walter relates his comedic experience to his US Army doctor daughter, Mali (Emily) Little.

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