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Listen to HCC radio students’ work! Now featuring “Sonic Ids”…

What’s a sonic ID?

Sonic IDs are short. They’re generally 30- 60 second snapshots of sound that answer a small question, or set a mood or are just playful. Each paints an audio picture of a specific place. Together HCC Radio students’ sonic IDs weave an audio quilt of life here at Howard Community College, and in some cases the surrounding community.

Who produced these HCC sonic IDs?

Sonic IDs are produced by HCC radio students who enroll for Introduction to Radio I classes. This first generation sonic IDs were produced in the Fall 2010 semester and the second generation in the Fall 2011 semester.

To produce just 30 - 60 seconds of great sound, students have to master concept development, recording technique, interviewing skills, writing and audio editing!

Take a listen:

Fall 2011

1. Esteban Encina


2. Mike Gambino

Keep Going

3. Royce Hodnett


4. Royce Hodnett

Math Tools

5. Mario Lloyde


6. Cris Oviedo

El Dragon

7. Cris Oviedo

Props to Save the World

8. Brandi Pressley

Change of Mind

9. Brandi Pressley

What I Like Best

10. Marcellus Preston


11. Marcellus Preston

Life After Ray Lewis

12. Matt Trudel

From Spaghettios to Pizza

13. Matt Trudel

Up and Coming

Fall 2010

1. Taariq Adams

Beat the Odds

2. Glen Audet

My First Guitar

3. Kourtnie Wash

Quiet in the Library

4. Mike Criscuoli

After a Hard Day of Class

5. Tyler Waters

Our Favorite Dogs

6. Nick Kaminski

Thanks, Audience

7. Lauren Wright

A Head Start on Life

8. Garrett Fisher

A Different Teen Mom

9. Glen Audet

Ready to Transfer?

10. Kourtnie Wash

Get to Know Your Teachers

You can also hear these sonic IDs on HCC Radio The Dragon, our internet radio station! They play sporadically through out the day.

Who came up with the idea?

Sonic IDs were started by independent producer extraordinaire Jay Allison at the Cape and Islands NPR stations. . Public Radio stations around the country have caught the sonic ID bug, and many produce and broadcast their own sonic IDs. Here at HCC Radio The Dragon, we’re excited to jump on that bandwagon.