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Recycling Programs

Howard Community College's Recycling Program

Single Stream Recycling

The college collects all recyclable materials in blue or marked recycling containers. House Keepers take the cardboard, paper, plastic and glass containers to the recycling dumpsters. Always replace the can liner when emptying recycling containers.  A hauling company empties the recycling dumpsters once a week. The recycling dumpsters are located at the loading docks behind Plant Operations, Student Services, Hickory Ridge and Athletic Center. All boxes must be flattened before being put in the dumpster.  Recycling containers are to be placed near trash cans to minimize contamination.

Cardboard – is to be folded flat and placed behind trash or recycling containers in the hallways. 

Paper - any paper that is free from food or grease can be recycled.  Magazines, catalogs, paper with staples and colored paper are allowed. Shredded paper should be put in clear plastic bags.  

Cans, rigid plastic and glass containers may be recycled – Styrofoam and floppy plastic are trash and must not be put in recycling containers or dumpsters.

Other recycled items:

  • Batteries should be sent to Plant Operations by campus mail.
  • Toner Cartridges should be returned to the Information Technology Dept. or Vendor in original container.
  • Printer Cartridges and cell phones should be mailed to the recycler in the special free recycling mailers available from Plant Operations to Dept. Offices.

Recycling Poster

Download the Recycling Poster

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Download the 2009 HCC Dumpster Dive Video

Howard County Programs
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Download the Recycling Guidelines (pdf file)

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Recycling Guide for the Business, Educational and Institutional Communities (pdf file)
Howard County Chamber of Commerce/Howard County Government Business Recycling Program (pdf file)
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