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Fees and Guidelines

Application for Facility Use

Requestors must submit an application for facilities use by obtaining a facilities use contract from the appropriate facility coordinator.  Inquiries should be made and applications should be requested at least FOUR weeks prior to use.  The completed contract, with deposit and proof of insurance should be returned at least TWO weeks prior.

Available facilities and their coordinators are:



Phone Number


Facilities Use Manager



Facilities Use Manager


Dining Rooms

Director of Auxiliary Services


Athletic Facilities

Athletic Center Manager


Horowitz Visual and
Performing Arts Center

Horowitz Center Manager


Art Galleries

Art Gallery Director


All Others

Facilities Use Manager



Gateway Campus Administrator


Service Fees

Additional charges will be assessed as service fees in addition to the facilities use fee for required services.  These include but are not limited to:  housekeeping, set-up, security, audiovisual, or food services. Government offices of Howard County and the State of Maryland, while exempt from facilities use fees, are responsible for any required service fees.

Basic fees for the use of HCC's buildings covers direct costs, which include personnel hours, supplies, electricity, and fuel.

No-Scheduling Period

Classrooms cannot be made available to external users until the schedule for the current and/or upcoming semester has been set.  Consequently, scheduling of classrooms for outside use must be suspended for a period prior to each semester.  Call for more information.

Liability Insurance

All parties use college facilities at their own risk.  Users are required to carry comprehensive liability insurance (bodily injury and property damage) and submit a certificate of comprehensive liability insurance with the application for facility use form.  Please refer to Certificate of Insurance for additional information on this requirement.


No food or drink may be brought onto campus unless approved prior to the event by the director of auxiliary services.  Catering may be arranged by calling Howard Community College's director of auxiliary services at 443-518-4690.


If alcohol is to be served, an alcohol permit or license from Howard County and a host liquor liability insurance policy are required for all non-college sponsored events.  An alcoholic beverage request form must be submitted with the application for facilities use form.


It is at the discretion of the institution (director of security) to require additional security. This requirement will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  For each 75 people per event, one additional security guard may be required for a four hour minimum.

Personnel Hours

The number of plant operations personnel needed is dictated by the estimated number of people attending the event, the extent of any requested set up, and the type of event scheduled.