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2012- 2013

Picture of Steve Sachs 


Every five years, Howard Community College engages members of the college’s internal and external community to collaborate on an environmental scanning and strategic planning venture known as the Commission on the Future. This initiative joins leaders from the business sector, the community, and the college as stakeholders in the region’s economic, cultural, educational, and global development.  The work of the COF shapes the college’s strategic plan and future program and service offerings

I am honored to serve as chair of the 2012-2013 Howard Community College Commission on the Future and invite you to learn more about the work of the commission through the information offered via this website.

Best regards,
Steve Sachs, COF Chair

The Commission's purpose is to identify innovative ideas, emerging issues, and alternatives for the future of Howard Community College (HCC). Objectives for the Commission include:

  • Identifying innovative ideas and alternatives to be considered in preparing HCC for the future.
  • Increasing HCC's responsiveness to the emerging learning needs of Howard County.
  • Establishing a process that will serve as a model for continued citizen participation in helping the college prepare for the future.
  • Creating a widely understood and shared vision for the future of HCC.
  • Promoting an understanding of the mission of HCC.

The Commission involves 50 or more citizens with interests in the economic, cultural, and educational development of Howard County. The Commission forms task forces that meet monthly during the fall semester.  The members of the task forces also include HCC faculty and staff.   The task forces explore HCC's current practice and discuss new opportunities. After the Commission report is delivered in January, the Commission receives an annual update on the status of the recommendations.