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College Procedure Number/Title:

The board of trustees and its tenured employees have the same ultimate aim of providing the best possible postsecondary educational opportunity for the students of Howard Community College.  To that end, relationships should be maintained between the college and its tenured employees which are based on common interest and mutual trust.  In the event a disagreement occurs between a tenured employee and his/her supervisor or among tenured employees, the board of trustees authorizes the administrator to implement procedures necessary to resolve such disputes and disagreements.

In addition, the board authorizes the administration to implement procedures for the appeal of suspension, dismissals and such other decisions of the president which the board, at its discretion, may wish to review.


For calculation of time, the term day shall mean a workday, any Monday through Friday when the college administrative offices are open for business, when the employee is under contract.

Time Requirements 
Days shall be counted beginning from the first work day after the material is received.  Failure to meet time requirements set forth will be deemed a waiver of the right of further appeal and will result in the discontinuation of the appeal process.

Effective Date:  6/10/1992