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The college expects that every effort will be made on the part of both parties to reach an amicable and rational solution to issues prior to entering the dispute resolution process.

The process for resolution of disputes other than suspension, dismissal, termination and expiration of contracts involving employees other than faculty consists of the procedures enumerated below when there is a difference between the employee and his/her immediate supervisor as it relates to work-related practices.  The following steps shall be followed in order to provide for a smooth and efficient method of handling disputes between individual employees and their supervisors.

Dispute Resolution Procedures

  1. The employee should contact his/her immediate supervisor in an effort to resolve individual differences.  The meeting should be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual trust so that many small problems can be resolved before they become major personnel problems.
  2. If the employee feels that the problem is not resolved satisfactorily with the supervisor, he/she can proceed to the second step in dispute resolution by discussing the problem with the office of human resources.  The office of human resources should be looked upon as a facilitator willing to assist in an effort to reconcile the differences between the employee and the immediate supervisor.  If this meeting does not result in a satisfactory solution, the employee may proceed to Step 3, or the office of human resources may recommend that the dispute proceed to Step 3.
  3. The third step for resolution of a problem will be for the employee to formalize his/her concern in writing to the employee's vice president with copies to the employee's supervisor and to the office of human resources.

The employee should specify in writing the nature of the dispute, the attempts at resolving the dispute and suggested solutions.  Within ten working days of receipt of the request for a Step 3 procedure, the employee's vice president will prepare a written decision concerning the dispute.  The decision shall be communicated to the employee, the employee's supervisor and the office of human resources.

This procedure will not affect the disputes which allege that the individual's constitutional rights have been violated.

Effective Date:  6/10/1992