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The discipline of employees comes before the president through Section 16-204(b)(3) of the Annotated Code of Maryland - Education Article.  The president's decision can result either in an immediate suspension of an employee without pay or in a suspension with pay, or no suspension at all.

Imposition of Immediate Suspension Without Pay Pending a Due Process Conference
  1. When a sufficiently serious personnel matter arises requiring the president to suspend an employee without pay, the employee is entitled to procedural due process.
  2. The president reviews any recommendations, investigative reports and other supporting  materials supplied by the office of human resources or other staff.
  3. The president notifies the employee of an informal conference at which the employee will be informed of the president's consideration of suspension.
  4. At the meeting, either the president or a representative from the office of human resources will proceed first by presenting the consideration of suspension and supporting facts and give the employee the opportunity to respond to the allegations.
  5. If the employee fails to appear at the informal conference or refuses to respond, the president may proceed with appropriate action without the informal conference.
  6. Following the meeting, the president will provide the employee with a copy of the decision with regard to suspension.
  7. The president's decision will state the ground(s) with adequate facts to support the decision.
Suspension With Pay

Upon recommendation of the department head in consultation with the area vice president, the president may suspend an employee with pay pending any fact finding or other actions.  Suspension with pay does not require a conference.

*See “Employment” policy 63.03 and “Employment Definitions” procedure 63.03.01 for definition of term of contract.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000