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These procedures apply to recommendations for dismissal of all full-time tenured (term of contract) staff; see "Employment" policy 63.03 and "Employment Definitions" procedure 63.03.01 for definition of term of contract.

Dismissal Procedures

Presentation of Charges

A recommendation for dismissal will be made in writing by the supervisor or department head, after consultation with the area vice president to the president, setting forth the reasons for the recommended action.  The president will notify the employee in writing of the charges and the basis for the charges.  In certain cases, the president may suspend an employee in accordance with suspension procedures prior to making a decision about dismissal.

Service of Charges and Hearing

Notice of a hearing before the president and a written outline of the charges will be mailed or given to the employee ten working days before the hearing.

Answer to Charges

The employee will have the opportunity to respond to the charges in writing within 15 working days of receipt of notice, and may attend the hearing as scheduled or waive the right to the hearing.

President's Consideration of Charges

The president's recommendation on the charges will be communicated in writing to the board of trustees with a copy provided to the employee.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000