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Drugs and Alcohol on Campus Policy (63.11)

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Howard Community College (HCC) provides a drug-free, healthy, safe and secure educational environment.  Employees are expected and required to be in appropriate mental and physical condition for work.  Students are expected to contribute to the desired environment by conducting themselves within the guidelines of the student code of conduct.

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, or use of illicit drugs and the illegal use of alcohol on campus or as a part of any HCC activity whether on or off college premises is prohibited in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Employees who show evidence of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances while at the college may be subjected to an immediate drug or alcohol screening in accordance with the college's Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedure (63.11.04).

Violations of this policy by employees or students will result in disciplinary action, consistent with college policies.  In addition, any violations may have legal consequences consistent with federal, state, and local law and  the college will cooperate with appropriate health and law enforcement agencies.

The college recognizes drug or alcohol abuse as an illness and major health problem, as well as a potential safety and security issue.  Students and employees who need help in dealing with such problems are encouraged to use community or campus assistance programs.  Voluntary participation in an assistance program alone will not jeopardize continued employment or enrollment at the college and will not be noted in the personnel or student record provided that job or classroom performance or behavior is consistent with established standards.  However, voluntary participation in an assistance program will not prevent disciplinary action for violation of this policy , nor will it prevent corrective action for performance or behavior problems in the workplace or classroom before, during, or after participation in an assistance program.

A college employee must immediately report a conviction to the employee's supervisor for any offense involving possession, use, or distribution of controlled dangerous substances or paraphernalia.  The supervisor will consult with human resources and other appropriate personnel to determine if the conviction has an effect on employment status. 

Effective Date:  02/28/14